Top 5 Games for Music Lovers

Music has always been a part of our lives. Doesn’t matter if you are a baby or an old one, you will always love music. From showers to dance clubs, from baby rhymes to elderly songs, music is everywhere. Speaking of everywhere, this love of music can also be found in video games. Digging into it further, there is an ocean of top games out there that can quench your thirst for music just imagine trying out a new slot site and hearing your jam on it wouldn’t that keep you interested? Now, let’s cut this long story short. For all our music lovers, we have prepared a list of the best games and this is particularly what this article is all about. So, let’s have a look at these


Beat Saber:

Starting with the best one, Beat Saber is what you can truly rely on to fulfil your hunger for music. It might look like Beat Saber is a simple rhythm game but that’s not true at all. This feeling starts changing when you get into a flow and slowly get completely lost in it. Beat Saber is mainly an exciting VR rhythm game on PlayStation 4 where you slash the music beats floating towards you. The slashing mainly makes sounds so to keep the rhythm going; you have to keep slashing with a pair of sabers in your hands. Every beat indicates which saber you need to use and the direction you need to match. Looks simple and easy, doesn’t it? That’s not the perception of people who play it on hard. Beat Saber is simply a test of lightning-fast reflexes and adrenaline. The game is quite fun itself but the real deficit is filled by VR. It makes you blend completely into the virtual world. You stop seeing what’s going on around you and dance with the music beat in your very own virtual world.


Beat Saber offers a bunch of handcrafted levels and music. You can choose your favorite songs and from a bunch of music albums.

The game also offers a multiplayer mode in which you can play against your friends or anyone around the world.  The game gets the user moving by dancing and slashing the beats.  The game offers multiple levels of difficulty you can choose from.

DJ Max Respect 5:

On the next spot, we have the DJ Max Respect 5. Now, this is another recommendation for our music lovers. Mix some competitive gameplay to music with a pinch of animations and you get DJ Max Respect 5. Available for PlayStation 4 as well as PC, the game works like other rhythm games. You see notes coming down the screen which you have to select using your assigned keys before they cross the line. The notes behave like the beats and keep the rhythm of the music going forward. You miss a note, and the music misses one beat as well. This seems simple and boring but the intense competition and the music make it worth playing. The game offers multiple game modes and more than 150 unique tracks from renowned artists including Marshmello, Porter Robinson, Yukika, and many others. A casual match-up changes into a heated battle in a matter of seconds. DJ Max Respect 5 is a complete package of entertainment, thrill and is a perfect choice for our music lovers.


The game offers an exciting freestyle mode in which you can play countless songs with unlimited fun.

The game offers a new online mode in which you can compete against your friends and players from all over the world.  You can also play ladder matches. The matches are based on brackets, in which winning takes you higher.  Play against one or two opponents at max? This game lets the user play against six opponents at one time.  You can also play an interesting air mode in which you can share your comments with the world.

Pistol Whip:

The next one on the list is Pistol Whip. For those who think their love of music can only be found in a certain type of game, I am afraid you are wrong. Here is the perfect example of that. Pistol Whip is a first-person shooter played on VR. The game features different handcrafted scenes in which the user behaves as an agent. The user has to shot down enemies while dodging the bullets fired by them. Accurate shots and dodging will keep the music rhythm going on. Pistol Whip combines the pleasure of music and aggression of shooting games to make something amazing. So, for those music lovers, who want to experience both these things together, we recommend going with Pistol Whip.


The game features a variety of handcrafted scenes, from bank heists to android uprising, each one uniquely designed for music.

Pistol Whip is available for both PlayStation 4 and PC with VR accessibility.  The game offers multiple game modes including Dual Wielding and many others to showcase your fps skills properly.  The game features a soundtrack from renowned artists including HVDES, Kannibalen Records, Magic Swords, Seeking Blue, and many others from the music industry.


Our next game is Thumper. This one is a bit old but a fun game to play. If you are a music freak, you would have checked it out before.

Thumper is considered a horror game and some people end up getting the wrong vibes from the game. But that’s not exactly it. Judging from the game description in which the devs called it “Rhythm Violence†they mean something else. The game features a​ space beetle who has to move forward on an endless track in a hellish void and confront a giant head. The user has to face different obstacles on the way and make his way out of them. The game gives a feeling of being trapped and the user has to survive. Thumper is a combination of rhythm and action. It is a test of courage with adrenaline pumping from the start. That is what the devs meant. Thumper has been in the spotlight from the start and is an excellent choice for our music lovers.


The game offers nine rounds of rhythmic hell with amazing visuals and intense gameplay in each round.  The game is available for PlayStation 4 and PC and can be played on both screen and VR.

Thumper offers simple controls. You can play the game with one stick and one button.  The game offers an original soundtrack by Brian Gibson of the noise-rock band Lightning Bolt.


Last, in the list, we have the Fuser. Now, here is one perfect thing for a music lover. You can play it for hours without getting bored. Fuser is all about music and dance. The game features a digital music festival in which the player plays the role of a DJ. The player has complete control over the music and he/she can make share it with the world as well. You cannot find violence in this game but it offers pleasure and relaxation. Do you dream of becoming a music composer? Well, here is a chance to test your music skills. Fuser offers a digital platform to music freaks who want to use their music creativity for enjoyment. With an album containing your favourite songs, you can be a superstar at your home. This is what Fuser is all about.


The game features a library of more than 100 songs including tracks from top artists.  Fuser offers multiple game modes including, online, freestyle, multiplayer, and campaign.  Users can complete challenges to unlock multiple skins in the campaign mode.  The player can compete with people all over the world with multiplayer mode.

You can also discover and create your mixes in freestyle game mode.  The players can also share their mixes and performances in-game and online.

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