Top 5 Casinos to visit in London

If you’re looking for a night out in the capital, you might not think of the casino as the logical first place to go. But London’s best casinos are among the world’s best, and not just because of the range of live table games and slot challenges that they offer.

With live music and other entertainment, as well as fine dining restaurants and lively bars, London’s leading casinos have more than may immediately meet the eye. Here’s our guide to the five you should visit when you’re in town.

Hippodrome Casino

Located in Leicester Square, the Hippodrome Casino has been entertaining punters for over a hundred years. The casino has a 180-seat auditorium that regularly hosts theatre, cabaret and burlesque performances, as well as six bars and a plethora of delightful dishes at the Heliot Steak House.

But if it’s just casino games you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place. There are three floors of casino table games and slots ready to explore.

If you want to try out a variety of games, this is the classic casino experience for you. But with more people opting to play online, why should you head on out to the Hippodrome?

The answer is that there are few bricks and mortar casinos that offer this much choice outside of Las Vegas. One of the thrills of live casino games online is that you’ll find games you’ll rarely be able to play in person.

Here, you’re more likely to find them, all under one roof alongside classic table games.

Empire Casino

Elsewhere on Leicester Square, the Empire Casino has plenty of its own unique selling points to pull you away from the Hippodrome. It’s easy to see why it’s one of the most popular casinos on the list, with live sports on gigantic screens in the Carlsberg Sports Bar, and DJ sets until 3am on weekends.

And as for food and drink, there’s a swanky cocktail bar and lots of tasty dishes at the FuLuShou Asian food restaurant. But what about the games themselves?

Well, you’re spoiled for choice here, with a plethora of casino games available 24/7. A particular highlight is the poker room, widely regarded as one of the best in the capital, offering cash games and tournament challenges all day, every day.

If you’ve ever played poker in an online room, playing a game here is the logical next step. The only difference is that a night out in London’s West End will be much pricier than logging on to an online table.

Empire Casino has a reputation as the UK’s liveliest casino – and when you play there, you’ll definitely understand why.

Grosvenor Casino Victoria

Known affectionately as the Vic, this casino is one of the oldest in the UK. The gaming floor offers a variety of slot machines and electronic games, as well as numerous gaming tables and a dedicated poker room.

If this wasn’t enough, the prestigious venue has two bars (including a highly regarded cocktail bar), and an excellent steakhouse restaurant. As one of the country’s largest casinos, it leaves visitors spoiled for choice – only virtual casinos offer a wider variety of games.

The Palm Beach Casino

Head over to London’s swanky Mayfair to enjoy some delicious food and drink at the Palm Beach Casino. There are two separate restaurants, with the main dedicated to South Asian cuisine, with the bar and grill having more meats, fish and burgers.

The late night restaurant is accompanied by a cocktail bar, with themed nights taking place throughout the week. If you’re looking for some belly dancing with your poker, the Palm Beach Casino is the place to go.

But aside from the entertainment experience, what does the Palm Beach casino have to offer in terms of casino thrills? As well as the usual table games, with highly skilled croupiers and dealers, there’s also a dedicated high stakes room.

So if you fancy trying your hand at a real casino challenge, this should be your casino of choice.

The Sportsman Casino

One of the highest rated London casinos over on TripAdvisor, The Sportsman is the most intimate casino on the list. Located in Marble Arch, the prestigious venue has a reputation for making visitors feel like they are playing in a professional tournament.

The award-winning site has a fancy restaurant with Mediterranean and Asian inspired cuisine. And as for the games themselves, it has the best of the best; blackjack, roulette, and one of London’s best slots selections.

There is only one downside – unlike the other casinos on the list, this one isn’t open 24/7, with strict 12pm-10pm opening hours. So if you are looking to play early in the morning or very late at night, online casino games have got the edge here.

London’s prestigious casinos offer something for everyone, with thrilling live entertainment, delicious food and drink, and a wide variety of games. Head on down and see what the fuss is all about.

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