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Top 5 best CSGO gambling websites with a roulette game mode

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skins are a real currency for all the people who play this game. Getting some valuable skin is a dream of many players. But everyone wants to get them easily and without much risk. Opening cases is a great option, but the odds of getting a knife are about 1 to 400. So that, many users prefer  CSGO roulette sites

The only issue is that scammers create fate gambling websites to steal money or skins from Counter-Strike players. This fact makes finding the right website almost impossible for novice gamblers. Here are top 5 best CSGO gambling websites for the ones, who want to upgrade their inventory. 

500 Casino

500 Casino is that kind of a website, which is not even looking like the one aimed at the CSGO audience. However, the website is a bright example that the first impression may be false. 

500 Casino provides a variety of classical CSGO gambling games, which include:

  • Roulette. The classical game mode, where you have to choose black, red, or zero. Everything is simple. The odds are 2x, 2x, and 14x. A simple game to gain some money. 
  • Wheel. The game mode, which is similar to roulette. You wager on one of three colors: black, red, blue, or gold. The odds are 2x, 3x, 5x, and 50x. This is the improved roulette for the ones, who want to play with more risk. 
  • Crash. The simplest game to gain fast profit. You place your bet and withdraw your gain whenever you want. The only nuance is that the line may crash on every second, so you have to guess the right moment for withdrawal. 
  • Duels. The game mode, where you play a coin flip. You have to choose your side and play. The chances to win are equal. 

Moreover, you can try slots mechanics, which is not the best for CSGO fans, because it does not have any sort of game’s spirit. But the other game modes are just great. 

The currency on the website is Bux. 5000 Bux is about 3.5 dollars. A fine deposit for all players. You can donate with skins, so that, the first deposit is available for many people. 

The only issue is that the website does not look like a CSGO gambling website. It looks like a common casino website with the opportunity to deposit with CS skins. So that, only 5th place. 


CSGOPolygon is a website, which is way too similar to the 500 Casino. But that is not a disadvantage. 

The currency on the website is a regular Coin. The exchange course is the same: About 3.5 dollars for 5000 coins. So that, it is also available for many users to use their skins for paying. 

Game modes provided on the website are classical:

  • Roulette. Classical roulette mode with red, black, and zero. Odds are usual: 2x, 2x, and 14x. 
  • Coin Flip. A regular PvP, where you can win the coins of other players. You just have to choose your side, and wait until someone joins your duel. 
  • Crash. A perfect game mode to raise your balance. Everything is the same: you place your bet and withdraw on time. You just have to predict the moment when the line crashes, but you still can guess the right moment. 
  • Dice. The best game mode to increase your balance. You have to choose the winning range. After you did it, you have to throw dice. The lower the range, the higher the odds. However, you can choose the best range for you, and just grind coins with this game mode. 

The website is great for all types of players. However, the only issue is that many game modes are being opened after you place a certain amount of coins. New players can lose all their coins right from the beginning, so that, they will have to donate more to unlock something. It is a tricky point. 

Even more, the website is also doesn’t even look like the one made for the CSGO audience. But a variety of game modes, and the opportunity to significantly increase the balance, allow this website take its 4th position. 


CSGOAtse is a great CSGO gambling website, which is also one of the oldest ones on the market. After Valve added several changes to the trading system, CSGOAtse stopped working for a while. Now it came back with new mechanics and games for all the CS gamblers. 

The set of games is a golden classic:

  • Roulette. The same rules, as usual. There are red, black, and zero. The odds are 2x, 2x, and 14x. No additional features. 
  • Crash. A simple game mode, where you have to place a certain amount of money and withdraw them before the line crashes. A great way to increase the number of coins on your account. 
  • Blackjack. The classical blackjack with simple rules. The pays are 3 to 2. 
  • Knife Drop. The game mode is similar to CSGOPolygon’s Dice. You have to choose the range of numbers from 1 to 100. If a knife hits your range, you get coins. The higher the range, the lower the multiplier. 
  • Plinko. On Plinko game mode you have to throw the ball straight down. The ball will land on some of the multipliers, and you will get your winning. There are three categories of the game, which include: Low Risk, Medium Risk, and High Risk. With the High Risk, there is a huge number of 0x, or 0.1 fields, but you have an opportunity to get 150 times more coins. 

A website is a great option for all the players. You can choose from a huge diversity of different events, which is incredible. Of course, the CSGO is present in the name of the website, and on depositing methods. But this website is a really good one, and you can really win here. 


CSGOEmpire is an old Counter-Strike gambling website, which gained a great reputation among the CSGO community. In spite of the fact, that there are only two game modes, the website is still popular, and many people come back to play here. 

The currency is also coins. The minimal deposit is 5 coins, which costs 3 real dollars. Not the huge minimal deposit. 

There are only two game modes: roulette and Coin Flip. Roulette provides the opportunity to bet on the analogs of red, black, and zero, which were replaced here with CT, T, and Dice images. At least, that reminds users of the main theme of the website. 

Coinflip is a regular PVP, where you just have to find an opponent and choose your side. 

One more advantage of the website is that the minimal bet is 0.01 coin. That allows you to play 500 times for the minimal deposit. And that is great. 

In spite of the fact, that there are only two game modes, the website does everything to make avid CSGO fans stay with them. You can see CSGO references and play as much as you want. That is why CSGOEmpire is on the 2nd place of this top. 


CSGORoll is the classic in the world of CSGOGambling. The website also experienced issues with Valve’s rules, but it managed to overcome all the difficulties and continue its work. 

The website provides nice game modes for players of all types: 

  • Roll. The roulette game mode, where you have an option to bet on red, black, BaitBet, and zero. The odds are 2x, 2x, 7x, and 14x. One more option to wager on is a great feature, which gives an ability to complete more risky and interesting moves. 
  • Crash. Classical game mode, where you have to withdraw your income before the line crashes. 
  • Dice. A game mode, where you have to choose the range of numbers between 1 and 100. The higher the range, the lower the odds. The best way to earn some coins. 

The minimal deposit is also 3 dollars. The main value is a Coin. You can use cryptocurrency, regular cash, or CSGO skins to buy them. 

However, one more feature, is that you have an opportunity to open cases on the website. This feature is funny, and it gives even more heat to this gambling website. You can also play all these game modes in the PVP mode with other players. 

The fact, that you can not only easily gain more and more coins, but also play with other players to beat them up, makes CSGORoll the best website on this list. 

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