Top 3 PDF Compressors: tools to reduce file size

Pdf file format is used every day everywhere. In every field and department from student life to professional life pdf files are very necessary to work. More and more companies that used to keep paper documents now a days go paperless and keep documentation as PDF files. It is secure, convenient and easy to transfer files like that. But the size of file matters a lot when you need to store a big amount of data and while sharing and transferring it from one place to another. Pdf files which are larger in size consume more space and time being transferred than the files which are smaller in size. So the only way to improve work of your system is to compress them. Compressed pdf files also play a very important role in optimization of your site. Your site loads faster if your files are compressed or optimized. So here the question arises that how to reduce the size of pdf files? We use a term known as compression to reduce the size of files. There are a lot of pdf compressing tools but in this article we are going to discuss about the top 3 tools used to compress pdf files.

  1. com: Now a days has become the most commonly used online tool among millions of users all over the world. is very effective and efficient for reducing the size of pdf files(compress pdf files). By using this tool user can easily compress pdf files with just few and easy clicks. is a one-stop tool that permits users to compress pdf as well as it also allows users to convert, create, edit, modify and merge pdf files. We can say a doctor of pdf files. is a totally free tool and with out any delay and inconveniency it allows to perform a variety of operations on a PDF file. ensures that security and privacy of user will be kept confidential. Moreover it’s accessable online and there is no need to download or install it on your device. Just go to, hit “Compress PDF” button and start making your files smaller.

  1. Adobe PDF Compressor: Adobe PDF Compressor is a product of a company named as Adobe. Adobe is a very well known company that has a very excellent reputation among people all over the world. This tool is also very commonly used by millions of users. Adobe PDF compressor also allows you to read, compress and convert pdf files without any delay. This tool is free up to some extend. But If you go pro to use more features then you have to pay for the subscription. There are no trust and security issues while using this tool.


  1. PDF Compressor: PDF compressor is a very easy to use and fast tool for compressing pdf files. Due to its user friendly interface user can easily compress pdf files or reduce the size of pdf files with in just few easy steps without facing any complexities. PDF compressor also allows users to convert, create, modify pdf files. User just need to upload the file on the tool and start converting and compressing pdf files on the go. This tool is very effective for pdf files.
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