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Top 11 Mini Dab Rigs For Sale

Looking for the smallest dab rigs for sale? We list the top 10 mini dab rigs available from the World of bongs online head shop. They focus on providing the best dabbing accessories, and they have popular brands available too.

This online head shop, created entirely by stoners who are in it for the love of the game, helps simplify the process of buying smoking tools. They do this by offering an incredible selection of high quality cannabis smoking accessories.

Better Flavor And Portability

They are known for their incredible potency and intensity. Mini Dab rigs are compact, allowing less airflow. This means better flavor and higher potency, all in a rig that is easily portable.

There’s a reason this online smoke shop has amassed 2 million followers on Facebook and 428K followers on Instagram – they know what stoners love and they deliver every time. So without further ado, here are 11 of the best mini dab rigs for sale.

Pulsar Mini Aerospace Oil Rig

Top 11 Mini Dab Rigs For Sale.jpg

The Pulsar Mini Aerospace Oil Rig is a powerful rig that hits hard and looks great doing it. With funky geometric shapes and a strong, sturdy base, this mini dab rig offers a sublime smoking experience unparalleled by any other rig.

The rig comes with a 14mm quartz banger nail, a material known for excellent heat retention. With Pulsar, you’ll be able to taste your cannabis nearly unaltered, with tasty terpenes intact.

Price: 99.00

5.5’’ Disc Perc Mini Bong

Top 11 Mini Dab Rigs For Sale.jpg

The 5.5’’ Disc Perc Mini Bong is a percolated bong from World of Bongs that offers filtration and flexibility. This is, first and foremost, a bong with a fixed percolation disc inside of it.. This perc will spread the smoke around your bong, allowing for ample cooldown time.

However, this bong can also be used as a dabbing rig, making this mini bong wonderfully versatile.

Price: $34.95

Mini Rig Carb Cap

Top 11 Mini Dab Rigs For Sale.jpg

The Mini Rig Carb Cap is a mini rig that is made to go onto your dabbing rig like a carb cap. Carb caps are handy tools that help you get smooth hits with maximum flavor. This unique and creative carb cap will come in handy during a late night dabbing session. Made from thick amber, this piece is very durable and will withstand wear and tear.

Price: $9.99

Infinity Mini Rig

Top 11 Mini Dab Rigs For Sale.jpg

The Infinity Mini Rig from MJ Arsenal combines the iconic Fabergé egg percolation with a double uptake recycle design for massive clouds that go easy on the lungs. This is a dab rig that allows you to maximize your concentrate’s natural terpenes while allowing you to get violently high.

Price: $64.00

6’’ Ball Mini Rig Bong

Top 11 Mini Dab Rigs For Sale.jpg

The ​​6” Ball Mini Rig Bong is an original piece from World of Bongs that with 14 mm male bowl and can be used as a dab rig. This deceptively simple pipe is convenient, compact, and powerful, allowing you to take huge hits.

This rig comes with a fixed banger and a free bowl that is detachable.

Price: $35.00

MJ Arsenal Claude Mini Rig

Top 11 Mini Dab Rigs For Sale.jpg

The Claude Mini Rig from MJ Arsenal is a complexly designed glass rig that uses intricate pathways to help cool down your smoke before it reaches your lungs. This is a unique riff on recycler rigs that puts the emphasis on smooth hits and great flavor. The rig is made from quartz glass, allowing for great heat retention.

Price: $55.00

MJ Arsenal Mini Jig Mini Rig

Top 11 Mini Dab Rigs For Sale.jpg

The Mini Jig Mini Rig is a recycler rig that uses narrow pathways and a spacious chamber for massive hits that go down easy. The rig comes with a small compartment built in for storing wax and oils and a new and improved beaker base to keep the rig steady.

Price: $66.00

6’’ Egg Mini Rig Bong W/ Banger

Top 11 Mini Dab Rigs For Sale.jpg

The 6” Egg Mini Rig Bong w/ Banger is a Fabergé egg-shaped dab rig that allows users to smoke it as a bong or a dab rig. Made from sturdy borosilicate glass, you can ensure that this piece will withstand bumps and bruises. With supreme filtration and beautifully intricate design, this dab rig rips like no other.

Price: $55.00

MJ Arsenal Atlas Mini Rig

Top 11 Mini Dab Rigs For Sale.jpg

The MJ Arsenal Atlas Mini Rig is a compact and unique dab rig that uses a double ball airflow system to spread and cool down smoke throughout the rig. With a sturdy base, and a honeycomb styler percolator, you can enjoy endless filtration from a rig that puts the focus on smooth hits and great flavors.

Price: $55.00

5״ Mini All-In-One Quartz Oil Rig

Top 11 Mini Dab Rigs For Sale.jpg

Experience extreme versatility with the 5״ Mini All-In-One Quartz Oil Rig. Made from quartz, this pared down rig is perfect for those who don’t want to carry a bunch of independent elements around. Easy to use and handy in a variety of situations, this mini rig proves that bigger is not always better.

Price: $25.00

Clear Glass Mini Rig

Top 11 Mini Dab Rigs For Sale.jpg

Simple, small, and potent, the Clear Glass Mini dab rig is perfect for on the go situations. It comes with a fixed diffused downstem and has a spacious lower chamber that allows ample smoke to accrue. Experience huge hits that will get you where you want to go from a dabbing rig that doesn’t skimp on quality.

Price: $29.00

Top Rated Online Smoke Shop

Browse a ton of dabbing tools available for sale besides these mini dab rigs. Discover a ton of new products that are being frequently released on this online head shop. They are making new relationships, often with popular dabbing accessory brands. We also recommend checking out their sister website, which is a CBD company and a heady glass gallery is Switzerland. They have some of the most dank hemp flower available that’s high in cannabidiol. They also have CBD oil, and a great selection of cannabis smoking accessories for sale too. Drop by their store if your local, at the address Torgasse 5, 8001 Zurich.

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