Top 10 food tour cities in Italy

Italy is a country hailed worldwide for its food culture. Much of the country’s reputation rests on its food – not just the classics, like pasta and pizza, but other dishes as well,which have been refined and updated over time to become the envy of the rest of the world.

Each region of Italy brings something different to the country’s iconic cuisine, and several cities stand out as essential destinations for anyone looking to enjoy a gourmet food tour. Rome is the obvious standout, and a Rome Food touris essential for anyone visiting Italy in search of good food.

Italy can stake a claim as the home of global cuisine, and one of the most gastronomically influential countries in the world. Many factors need to be weighed up when identifying the best food tour cities in the country, allinvolving a high degree of subjectivity; but in this article we have aimed to listwhat we consider to be the 10 best Italian cities for food tours. Let’s get started!

#1 Rome

Most people go to Rome to see the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the Vatican and the Trevi Fountain. But the Italian capital alsoboasts a wide range of dishes like no other city in the world! Manyaredeveloped using simple ingredients, which add up to delicious dishes such as “gnocchis alla romana”and“spaghetti alla carbonara”.

If you visit Rome, you must stop at a trattoria at least once to enjoy an excellent Roman meal. The Trastevere districtfood tour is among the best in town, taking in several restaurants which are extremely cozy and beloved by locals, where you can taste many of the best traditional dishes thatthe city has to offer. A Rome food tourshould be on the bucket list of anyone who enjoys good food and is curious to learn more aboutworld-class cuisine.

#2 Venice

Famous for its canals, Venice is also one of the most impressive cities in terms of Italian cuisine. Due to its location, economy, history and traditions,Venetian food typically includes seafood. One of the city’s most famous dishes is “pasta e fagioli”, consisting of different-shaped pasta with bacon and beans.

We recommend strolling through the Cannaregio district and visiting “bacari”, which are typical Venetian taverns, for a local aperitif such as “Spritz” or “cichetto”. Here you’ll be able to sample not just the most delicious dishes, but also the breathtaking beauty of Venice!

#3 Florence

At times, Florence can resemble an open-air museum. It is the city of the arts,showcasing some of thegreatestsights of the Italian peninsula. There are many wonderful places to see, and a wide variety of dishes that any foodie simply has to try. Take the time to visit one of the city’s excellent trattorias and sample the local cuisine, such as a good Florentine steak, “panzanella”, “papa al pomodoro” and “ribollita”.

#4 Genoa

Genoa’s gastronomy represents an effortless blend of mountains and the sea. Pine nuts, anchovies, mushrooms, cuttlefish and fresh herbs are some of the mainstays of this fascinating cuisine, which includes the region’s famous “pesto”, its delicious “stoccafisso accomodato”, fragrant “focaccia” bread and mouth-watering fried anchovies.

#5 Naples

Naples is a chaotic and lively city whose street food is among the most delicious in all of Italy. Among the classic dishes on offer are the city’s famous “cuoppo” (a cone full of fried delicacies), “pizza a portafoglio” and “baba”.

#6 Milan

The city of fashion is a lively and cheerful place, which pioneered the ritual of having an aperitif, such as a “Prosecco” or “Spritz”, before dinner. The Milanese love to relax after work with a cocktail and a bite to eat. On a Milanese food tour you’ll be able to enjoy cured meats, cheeses and excellent gourmet sandwiches, all the while sipping a glass of fine wine.

#7 Bologna

Bologna is arguably the flavor capital of Italy. Bolognese cuisine is famous all over the world, and “tagliatelle”, “mortadella”, “ragu” and “tortellini” are pillars of Italy’s gastronomic culture. Make sure you visit the city’s markets to immerse yourself in their unforgettable smells and colors. Afterwards, simply make yourself comfortable in a trattoria and let yourself be seduced by the menu.

#8 Palermo

Palermo is the street food capital of Italy. When visiting, you must try the city’s famous “panino ca meuza”, “arancino”, “sfincione” and the delicious “cannolo siciliano”.

#9 Parma

UNESCO recently named Parma the Creative City of Gastronomy in Italy. It is the home of incredible “prosciutto” and other cured meats, as well as “tortelli di calabashe”, “cotechino” and excellent wines.

#10 Turin

In Italy’s ancient capital of Turin, don’t miss out on the “bagna cauda”, “agnolotti”, and “tajarin”, but most importantly, all of the city’s traditional sweets. Take the time to visit some of thehistoric cafes and pastry shops of the Piedmontese capital, and sampleits famous “gianduiotti”, “marron glacé” and “cremini”.

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