Tony Heatherington: Is my investment in the graveyard dead?

Tony Hetherington, Sunday’s Ace investigator Financial Mail, fought the reader’s corner, uncovering the truth behind the closed room, and winning the victory for those left behind at his own expense. Find out how to contact him below.

Mystery: Regent Memorial’s Kamran Saleem runs a used car dealership

TS writing: Is there any up-to-date information about Farnam Park Cemetery?

I haven’t heard anything from them, and the responsible company, Regent Memorial Limited, doesn’t answer phone calls or emails.

Did you lose your investment? I recently visited Farnum’s site, which is basically an empty field.

Tony Hetherington’s reply: When I looked into this and wrote it four years ago, all the warning signs were there. The salesman sold the graveyard parcels as an investment of around £ 1,850 per piece, but due to the lack of burial ground in the country, its value is projected to skyrocket by as much as 40% within a few years. Was there.

In fact, the Regent Memorial website still contains misleading photographs showing tombstones belonging to the adjacent real churchyard.

Camlan Saleem, one of the directors of Regent Memorial, confidently talked about his industry experience in 2017. His father, Mohammad Salim Aktar, was the chairman of the Birmingham Mosque, which runs the city’s largest funeral for Muslims. Nationwide.

What has changed since then? Now, despite the signs pointing to traffic from Farnum’s main road, no burial has taken place in the graveyard. In a desolate ghost town, the shipping container used as a sales office on the premises is rusted. Meanwhile, Kamran Saleem operates Motorserv-UK, a used car dealership and service center in Solihull.

In 2017, I reported my suspicion that Saleem’s real intention might be to build a house on at least part of the land. Sure enough, part of the land was transferred to a Channel Islands company called Rheno Property Holdings. However, the local government has rejected the housing plan application submitted by its affiliate Plot (Farnham) LLP. And this is not the only land transaction in the region. Last year, the land that Congress considered part of the planned cemetery changed for more than £ 2m.

Confusingly, the new owner, called Farnum Cemetery Limited, is managed by the Isma’ilist trust, a London-based Islamic charity. He told me that it had nothing to do with the Regent Memorial, “A plan for burial already exists on our site and we are trying to pursue it.”

Your own agreement with Regent Memorial requires the company to continue selling plans and keep the graveyard clean and tidy. However, it has not been marketed and the site appears to be abandoned. Many investors have contacted me and complained that they felt fooled. Regent Memorial seems to be in breach of contract. The boss doesn’t even accept the burial application that I understand that some investors have made. Saleem is not the only owner or director of Regent Memorial Limited. Behind him stands Henry Anderson, a businessman from the Channel Islands. Both were repeatedly asked to comment. I didn’t do either. I recommend that you and the owners of other plots get together to sue the Regent Memorial.

Saleem and Anderson were happy to receive your money. Listen to how the courts have benefited from false marketing and see how they react when you panic.

Will it help you to buy? I need help to sort out this loan mess …

HM wrote: Four years ago, I used the government’s Help to Buy scheme to buy an apartment on a loan.

Since then, I have had a hard time paying back the loan five years later before the sudden interest begins. In January, I paid £ 395 for the surveyor’s report, instructed the lawyer, and sent all the paperwork and fees to TargetHCA, which manages the loan.

Target forgot to deal with this and then refused to deal with my lawyer, and now I say I’m out of time and need to pay for a new report to resume I will.

Tony Hetherington’s reply: This is the error chapter. When talking to Target in February, the staff admitted that they simply forgot to address your loan redemption request. The company said it would extend the redemption process by a month to make up for this, but then sent all forms, along with a lot of personal information, to a lawyer who represented him a few years ago and sent it to the lawyer. I didn’t. He said the target is now acting for you.

And when I started looking into this, I ran into new confusion with the document that the terms and conditions were set by Target Servicing Limited, company number 08896386. Upon checking, I found that this number belongs to another company. , Elderbridge Limited is connected to Target, but legally completely isolated.

When I asked Target for comment, it was acknowledged that there was a problem. The company has now told me: “We have extended the Ms M redemption period to September 2021, so she does not have to pay any new investigations or additional legal costs.”

I had to shield but NatWest doesn’t pay

JK writes: I paid £ 933 to book a villa in Spain, but I received a message from the NHS to shield me because of a serious underlying illness. I canceled my reservation but was told that my deposit would not be refunded.

I have a NatWest Platinum account that includes travel insurance and pay an additional monthly fee to include coverage for my underlying illness.

But NatWest refused my £ 933 charge. This is probably due to cancellation more than 28 days before departure.

Tony Hetherington’s reply: The message from the NHS states:

At first, you were always told to stay home. After that, I relaxed a little so that I could go outdoors once a day, but traveling to Spain was out of the question. Initially, NatWest stated that it rejected your claim because its policy only allows cancellations within 28 days of departure. It suggested reconsidering whether you provided a letter from your doctor and confirmed that you were told to shield longer than this. You submitted a letter confirming that you were told to shield for 12 weeks, but NatWest still declined you.

I asked the bank to think again and confirmed that the staff considered your claim under the usual 28-day rule, but considered it under another part of the policy allowing medical cancellation I had to. Your claim is now completely fulfilled.

If you believe you are a victim of financial misconduct, contact Tony Hetherington (Financial Mail, 2 Derry Street, London W8 5TS) or send an email to tony.hetherington @ please. Due to the large number of inquiries, we cannot answer personally. We are sorry, but please send only a copy of the original.

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Tony Heatherington: Is my investment in the graveyard dead?

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