Tom Parker and his wife Kelsey plan to expand their chicks: “We will definitely give birth to more children.”

Tom parker And his wife, Kelsey, was open about plans to join them in the future.

In an exclusive festival shoot and an interview with OK! Following the news that Tom’s stage 4 brain tumor is now stable, the couple shared their hopes of expanding their family.

Asked about the possibility of a baby brother or sister for two children, Aurelia, a two-year-old and a one-year-old bodhi, Kelsey, 31, replied: “Tom continues to say he is bloody. ! “

She added: There will definitely be more children. “

in the meantime the wanted Startom went on to say: “I want to eat more, but I want to improve myself.”

Tom and Kelsey want more kids in the future

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The couple who tied the knot in 2018 explained that while they hope the New Year will be their third parent, they are very fortunate to already have a bodhi with Aurelia.

Kelsey explains: We are blessed to have boys and girls. The age difference was short. “

Tom agreed, adding: “That’s why I would be happy if I didn’t have any more,” Kelsey said.

Couples feel “blessed” by their families

Tom explained in more detail how the 2022 movie was unfolding, saying, “I wish I had no cancer, more babies, and more The Wanted shows.”

Admired for its strength over the past year, the pair also looks back on how the Christmas is fortunately different from the last 12 months.

Tom explained: “I can’t remember last year’s Christmas. I just put it in the depths of my heart. This year will be like a new Christmas.”

Wanted Stars are looking forward to Christmas this year

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Tom shared how they plan to use it compared to last year when they were just diagnosed, and continued: Participate in helping Kelsey’s mom cook. “

“It’s great to be back in and feel part of the family. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy make you feel disjointed.”

“I’m so tired that I can’t really attend. It’s all considered very consumer because you don’t have time to attend Christmas. It’s great to be part of that. “

Kelsey said Christmas with children is completely different

The two mothers, Kelsey, also said that the holiday season has had a whole new meaning since welcoming the children.

She explained: Now we have kids, which is completely different for us. “

Kelsey then laughed: “It’s been years since I went to a local pub on Christmas Eve!”

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Tom Parker and his wife Kelsey plan to expand their chicks: "We will definitely give birth to more children."

Source link Tom Parker and his wife Kelsey plan to expand their chicks: "We will definitely give birth to more children."

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