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To take action on the “Westminster Point is long gone” protocol. TUV leader:


He warned the head of TUV that it “has long since passed the point” where Westminster should have taken action Northern Ireland: Protocol.

Jim Alistair spoke out against the protocol in the north Belfast on Friday.

Referring to allegations in the Financial Times report that ministers were drafting legislation giving them broad powers to tear up the Northern Ireland Protocol to the Exit Agreement, he said:

“For months Government: They suggested that they move along the border, which disgracefully divides the border The United Kingdom but there was no delivery.

No union should ever play with such a situation as it did with the disastrous Poots’ Posts.

“Now, on the eve of the elections, there is another suggestion that something can be done.

“The time has come for steps to be taken to restore Northern Ireland to the United Kingdom.

“Article 6 of the Acts of the Union, which guarantees the freedom of trade within the constituent parts of the United Kingdom, shall be fully restored, not subject to the Protocol.

“The test of any transaction will be whether Northern Ireland is still subject to a single external market for goods, a foreign customs code, a foreign VAT regime, which is governed by foreign law and a foreign court.

“Such oppressive subjugation is not what anyone who thinks of basic democratic accountability can ever think of.

“Here we are on the verge of elections, but something in the region – 60% of the laws regulating our economy are made not by MPs or MPs, but by the EU, a body in which we have no input.

“Such humiliation has never been acceptable, it can not be. No union should ever play with such a situation as it did with the disastrous Poots’ Posts.

“It is vital that on election day, the trade unions come into force and vote in favor of the union, in favor of the counter-candidates.”

From left to right: Mervyn Gibson of Orange Order, Moore Holmes, John Ross of TUV, Joan Bunting of DUP; / PA) / PA wire

Meanwhile, another anti-protocol demonstration took place in East Belfast.

A number of speakers addressed the rally, including Orange Order member Mervyn Gibson.

He said. “We stand on this platform as trade unionists against the protocol. We may differ on different points, we may have different accents և priorities, but we are standing here tonight against the protocol. I know many of you there, և you have different loyalties, you belong to different groups, you support different football teams, because I know that even a few blue men may be here tonight.

“This generation is facing a new threat – a protocol, a threat that has come from within, a threat that has been negotiated,” Boris (Johnson) agreed.

The Belfast protests are the latest in a series of rallies in Northern Ireland that have highlighted post-Brexit trade union loyalist opposition, which calls for additional inspections of goods arriving in the UK from Northern Ireland.

The Unionists strongly oppose it as a border in the Irish Sea.

Several hundred people took part in the protests in Belfast, which also included a number of orchestras.

Moore Holmes addresses rally (Liam McBurney / PA) / PA wire

“Our culture and identity have been attacked for decades,” said Johan Bunting, a candidate for the Belfast Assembly.

“We will not fail, we refuse to be demonized,” he told the crowd in East Belfast.

“We say to the Government of Ireland that we will work with you as neighbors, but we will do your part. Take care of your own country, keep your nose out of this UK’s internal, commercial: constitutional position.

“We tell the EU that we are not the subject of your bargaining, we are not your lever, we will not be your hostage, we are not the solution to divorce.”

Loyal activist Moore Holmes also addressed the rally.

He said. “What we have witnessed tonight is a fantastic demonstration of unity and solidarity throughout the Union’s loyal community against the Protocol.

“It can not end here. We must show the same targeted unity in the voting booths on May 5, we must show it after the elections. “

To take action on the “Westminster Point is long gone” protocol. TUV leader:

Source To take action on the “Westminster Point is long gone” protocol. TUV leader:

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