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Tips to Recycle This Christmas Season

Christmas brings joy and the spirit of festivity. However, there are parties and gifts, which also means a lot of waste after the holiday. Know how to dispose of the waste properly, and recycle items that you can to minimise trash that goes to the landfill. You can also repurpose or reuse old items for your decorations and presents to further help in lessening waste.

Reuse old Christmas decors

If you have a reusable Christmas tree and it’s still in good shape, there’s no need to buy a new one, as you can still use it for this year. Even the holiday decorations accumulated for the past years would still work. If you want a different style, mix and match the items, or you could buy a few new ones to use with the old ones.

Send digital holiday cards

It’s now common to send digital greeting cards, so consider this for your Christmas cards. Send them via email or chat. But if you still prefer sending your friends and loved ones actual holiday cards, use those made from recyclable materials. Avoid greeting cards with glitter, plastic, and foil that could prevent them from being recycled. You could also create your own to make it more personal. But, again, ensure that you use only recyclable materials for the cards you make.

Donate excess gifts

Although you appreciate the presents that you received from loved ones, unfortunately, you might not like all of them, or you may not find them helpful. Instead of putting them in the storage area and leaving them there for years, why not donate them to charitable organisations in your area? Other people in need might find them valuable. While at it, you may want to do a general cleaning to see more items you no longer need and add them to the donation. It will also benefit you as it will make your home

clutter-free, and you will have more space. You may find plenty of things that need to go to the trash during the clean-up. Hire a skip to make garbage disposal more convenient. There are different sizes of skips available, so regardless of the amount of waste you need to dispose of, you’ll find the right skip for you.

Use recyclable gift wrappers

It’s given that you could use old gift wrappers that are still in good shape. However, since most people tear down gift wraps when they open their presents, you might not have salvaged much from last year. So, if buying new gift wrappers, ensure that you choose those made from recycled materials. You may also use newspapers as gift wraps. Adding a lovely ribbon or décor will make it chic.

Utilise your delivery boxes

Online shopping is common nowadays. If you order online frequently, you might have collected delivery boxes that you can use for your gifts. Instead of wrapping, put the presents in the boxes, and secure them with a pretty fabric ribbon. Plastic ribbons are non-recyclable so go for the fabric ones.

The holiday season also brings plenty of leftover food. Dispose of them properly by composting, which you can use in your garden.


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