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Tips to improving your garden for more home-cation

United Kingdom and world news alike have reports on a regular basis about the latest outbreaks, diseases, and other public health concerns. All of these issues mean that more and more bricks are forced to convert what might otherwise be an annual holiday into a home-cation.

Water Features

Water features can transform your elegant garden into a place of relaxation and an inviting social scene through sight and sound. You can integrate garden water features or water lilies for small ponds. Anything is possible.

Some artistic water fountains can be created with stacked stone. You can use stacked stone to make the size and shape you want for a patio or courtyard fountain. If you want a natural look for your water feature, try to hide the technical aspects of the water feature. Add whimsical seating around a classical fountain to provide a European style. If you prefer an Asian design, consider a small, remote-controlled water fall. For small gardens a fountain is all you need.


When it comes to garden furniture, there are many different styles and materials to choose from. Understanding what each of these styles and materials offers is a necessary part of the research involved in designing that amazing hideaway you’re planning to build.

Here are some of the more popular styles available on today’s market for garden furniture:

  • Wicker

This type of furniture has been documented as far back as early Egyptian civilizations, and is a popular choice for gardens everywhere. This furniture often comes in either unfinished or a white paint coating, depending on your personal preference.

  • Wrought Iron

This type of outdoor furniture is often used in public parks and other high traffic areas, as it is very durable. Wrought iron pieces today are often made with steel, rather than kiln blasted iron. However, the love affair with wrought metal furniture that began in the early 19th century has carried on into the 21st century.

  • Exotic Hardwood

Tiger wood, Ipe, and Garapa are just a few of the exotic woods used in the manufacture of decks, boathouses, and outdoor furniture. These woods are known for their extreme hardness, durability, and beautiful coloration.

  • Plastic

Often much less expensive than the other options listed above, plastic furniture provides an affordable option for almost any budget.

Garden Paths

When you create garden paths, play around with scale. You can place giant, round pebbles into your lawn to give a fun look. Instead of placing a straight and long path, place the large pebbles in a snaking shape. You can buy these at any landscaping or garden center.

You can use something seasonal for the times you will spend in the garden the most. If you use the garden mostly in the spring/summer for reading and enjoying a glass of lemonade, plant a swathe of blue tulips so that you have a river of bluebells or tulips.

Don’t forget to use your senses. Place plants along your path that will release a scent as you brush by them. Lavender or rosemary bushes are a great way to add color and a highlighted scent to your elegant garden.


Relaxation extends to seating and water features conducive to an auditory and visual ambience that makes your garden feel like an escape from reality. But relaxation looks different for everyone. For you it might include choosing from a range of hot tubs to add to your patio or deck, surrounded by nearby seating, elegant lighting, and long, vining plants that grow up and around the support of trellis to give you privacy.


Your lighting should help you create an atmosphere, as well as provide illumination. For a party, Japanese lanterns are a great choice. These lights are easily affordable, and provide a festive atmosphere to almost any outdoor space.

For a more romantic atmosphere individual torches might offer just enough light to walk by, but not enough to ruin the mood. These are relatively cheap to purchase and maintain. However, if you’re concerned about fire hazards, then these might not be the best choice for you.

If you have a deck, bridge, or wooden walking trail in your garden, then lighting that is built into the railing system might just be the perfect choice. This type of accent lighting provides just enough light to illuminate the walking space without ruining the evening’s atmosphere.

Overall there are many ways that you can create a wonderful stay-cation out of your garden. No matter where you live, small elements like lighting, hot tubs, water features, and garden paths can make all the difference.

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