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Tips for storing baby formula: How not to harm your baby with formula

For many newborns breast milk is the main source of nutrition. As it is claimed by experts, it is the best food for every baby as it is specifically produced due to his or her needs. However, some mothers simply don’t have the opportunity to give that milk to their little ones.

That way, they are forced to use baby formulas that are recognized by plenty of parents and are considered to be the best alternative for kids. In that case, people should know about some peculiarities of using and storing formulas because they definitely don’t want to hurt your baby. So read on for some tips on how to store baby formula.

Tips for storing baby formula: How not to harm your baby with formula

In order to store formula for as long as possible you need to pay close attention to all the stages of preparing baby formula. Let’s look at each of them:

1. Find the right equipment

It’s important to choose high quality bottles that will serve you a good life. It shouldn’t have any damages. Moreover, all the vessels and containers have to be microwave friendly so as not to lose their shape during heating and cooling. So you need to check it closely in the shop before your purchase.

2. Preparing the bottles before putting the formula inside

Of course, it takes a while to sterilize bottles and make sure they are clean and safe for your little one, but you must do it quite thoroughly. You just boil water and put all baby bottles inside a large vessel for 5 minutes or so. After that, rinse them with warm soapy water. Or you can just use baby bottle sterilizers that will save your time and make your life easier.

3. Preparing the baby formula itself

Usually, every packaging contains very specific instructions on how to make formula milk. You have to follow them and that will be the right ratio. People sometimes make some mistakes while mixing formula powder with too much or too little water. But it doesn’t only affect the shelf life of the formula later, but it can also be harmful to your baby. Therefore, it is always important to go along with the instructions.

4. Bottle cleaning after meals

Bottle hygiene is very important, as noted earlier. Therefore, don’t forget to thoroughly wash off all the remains of the formula. If you see that the bottle is already damaged or unusable, it is better to replace it with a new one.

If you follow all these simple rules above, we can talk about the question that interests you.

How long is formula good for in the fridge?

If you’re responsible enough, you’ll always put the formula in the fridge to keep it going. An unused bottle with mixed baby formula can last up to 24 hours at a temperature 40°F (4.4°C) or lower. And a good advice is not to freeze this milk as it will lose its texture. A lot of parents do so while they don’t have enough time to prepare formula every time their kid wants to eat. So they just mix enough milk to last the whole day and portion out into bottles. Then, when the baby gets hungry, the ready-made formula is right here.

Another question arises when the parents were just running around or fell asleep and forgot to put the formula in the refrigerator. How long will it be suitable for use, staying at room temperature?

Generally, it lasts for 2 hours, untouched and unheated. But it can be even less, so check the label instruction as it always depends on the brand.


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