Tips for a more sustainable skincare routine

photo of assorted makeup products on gray surface

We should take care of the planet as much as we take of our skin so following a more sustainable makeup routine should be a given. The beauty industry is the one with the most impact on the environment accounting for almost 150 billion tonnes of plastic in landfills. Most of the products come wrapped in plastic and are kept in plastic containers. Others are made of plastic and completely disposable. Making the Earth ugly while making ourselves more beautiful is a special kind of oxymoron. Let’s help ourselves and our planet by making our everyday routines more eco-friendly!

Invest in green brands

The first step, if you’re a makeup user, is to buy from more sustainable makeup brands. A lot of brands nowadays come with stickers vouching that they’ve been produced in the most eco-friendly manner. Also, look up your own local vegan indie brands. I promise you that most of the time you’ll be surprised by the quality of the products and it’s always a good idea to buy locally.

Simplify your skincare routine

I know it may be a hard pill to swallow, but your skin truly doesn’t need a 12 step program. There is no need in using 3 different cleansers, 10 serums, and having a special moisturizer for every single section of your face. I recommend you find one good cleanser for your skin type, don’t be shy to invest in a quality moisturizer, and, finally, finish it all up with a serum or two of your choice. Alternatively you could invest in a korean cushion compact for a flawless look, we have narrowed down our favourites here: Your skin will be glowing in no time.

Find products that use little to no packaging

As I’ve previously mentioned, the plastic packaging that wraps and holds our skincare holy grails is one of the Earth’s biggest pollutants. So, it would be a good idea to try and lay your hands on the items which come in eco-friendly containers or you may even opt to use products that are package-free. For example, instead of using a shower gel that comes in a big plastic bottle, you can choose to use one in the form of a bar.

Recycle the packaging

On the other hand, you may find the last step difficult because a lot of beauty routine staples, such as a moisturizer or an SPF are usually creams that unfortunately have to be contained somewhere. In this case, it would be of a significant difference to use the products which come in recyclable packaging. To make sure this is the case, you should look for the “chasing arrows” icon. If you already own some products that aren’t recyclable, try to reuse the containers. For example, you can repaint a moisturizer jar and use it as a place to hold your rings and other jewelry.

Pay attention to the ingredients

Now that we’ve taken care of the plastic containers we should focus on a very important part of the packaging – the label. On it, you can find the list of ingredients that were used to make that particular product. Some of the widely used ingredients, such as polyethylene, are actually very harmful to the environment. You may find this compound in many deodorants, shower gels, lipsticks, and even toothpaste. Other non-biodegradable ingredients to avoid are polypropylene, poly-e-terephthalate, and polymethyl methacrylate.

Work with reusable beauty tools

The first step in this category is to stop using makeup wipes and cotton pads. Since they can be thrown away after each use they are probably the least eco-friendly part of an average person’s skincare routine. Instead, opt for washable cotton pads which will also save you some money in the long run. Another idea is to get a stainless steel reusable razor, instead of disposable plastic razors. Your wallet and the Earth will thank you later!

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