Tim Berners-Lee says too many young people are excluded from the web | Tim Berners-Lee

Too many young people around the world have been excluded from access to the web, and bringing them online should be a priority in the post-Covid era. Tim Berners-Lee Said.

In a letter issued to commemorate the 32nd anniversary of the Web, its founder had the opportunity to “rethink our world and create something better” in the aftermath of Covid-19 by the age of 15. It states that it must be directed towards providing Internet access to one-third of people. And 24 people are offline.

“Youth influence can be felt throughout the community and online networks,” writes Berners-Lee. “But today we see only a small part of what is possible. Too many young people remain excluded while we talk about the generation of” digital natives “and their Because you can’t use the web to share your talents and ideas.

“One-third of young people have no access to the Internet. Many more lack the data, devices, and reliable connections they need to get the most out of the Web. In fact, UNICEF According to it, only the top third under the age of 25 are connected to the home internet, lacking the stable access that 2.2 billion young people need to learn online, and many others during the pandemic. Helps people continue their education. “

Young people are more likely to access the Internet than the average global citizen, but about half of the world is online, but that number rises to 70% of people aged 15-25. Berners-Lee claims that he aims to connect all the young people. In the world to the web, you will win dividends.

He also says that doing so would be relatively cheap compared to the cost of many government programs launched in the last 12 months. He estimates that a $ 428 billion (£ 307 billion) investment over the next decade will provide a high quality broadband connection for everyone.

Rosemary Leith, co-founder of the Web Foundation with Berners-Lee, talks about accessing the Web. Should be the basic right of young people, Similar to education. “If half a generation of young people can’t use tools to thrive in the digital world, that is, they can’t learn new skills, run businesses, build communities, and participate in democratic debates. The whole society is their talents, ideas and efforts, “she said.

The Covid pandemic showed the need to bring young people online as countries around the world moved to distance learning by default.British government accused I can’t fulfill my promise A few months after the national blockade, provide laptops to poor students.

“More than three-quarters of our 10th graders do not have regular and consistent access to their home devices and the Internet,” said Steve Howell, principal of a school in Birmingham, in June. “The fact that the most disadvantaged students are the hardest hit by IT poverty, which takes a very long time, makes things even worse.”

Tim Berners-Lee says too many young people are excluded from the web | Tim Berners-Lee

Source link Tim Berners-Lee says too many young people are excluded from the web | Tim Berners-Lee

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