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TikTok has emerged as an unexpected source of false information about U.S. elections, with many inaccurate or misleading posts circulating as tech companies fight to contain falsehoods such as Donald Trump. ..

Angelo Carsone, president of Media Matters and an expert on right-wing extremism and false alarms, said: “TikTok was a hotbed of false reports that spread peer-to-peer in the past.

The report identified 11 examples of misinformation on Wednesday’s elections, which won a total of more than 200,000 views before TikTok removed them. On Thursday, a video promoting a Qanon-related conspiracy theory about voting spread in word of mouth, recording more than 200,000 views in just hours before TikTok removed the vote for violating the wrong information policy. understood.

The false information in these videos included a false explanation claiming that Joe Biden’s vote was fraudulent, and the vote was not counted because the voting workers were handing out markers to Trump voters. ..

Part of the content came from a young Republican influencer on TikTok. Two Republican support pages, called Republican hype houses, and Republican boys repeated Trump’s rhetoric claiming that the election was stolen. TikTok cracked down on accounts, flagged some videos, led them to post an apology to one of their accounts on Wednesday, and promised to post less frequently so that TikTok wouldn’t unlock the platform.

“As the election cycle continues, we are working hard to protect the integrity of the platform,” TikTok said in a statement. “Proactively remove false information about identified elections through automated technology and human research, and proactively through reports from users and partners.”

The company has removed almost all of the 15 videos mentioned in both reports and cracked down on other false sources. Instead of deleting a single video, we reduced reach and added a banner that links to the correct information.

Despite these viral examples, the video sharing platform is the latest in major social media companies and is relatively successful given its inexperience, Carsone said. This may be because TikTok was initially seen as a space for sharing interesting videos, rather than as a forum for political news and discussions, compared to Facebook and Twitter.

“I think it’s worth focusing on these individual examples, even if they don’t represent the entire platform, because they do to identify the precautionary gaps that the platform has.” Karsone said.

Meanwhile, Twitter has flagged or removed content that contains false information that references election results. This includes tweets from Trump. We’ve also reduced the reach of flagged tweets, eliminated algorithm recommendations such as trending topics, and minimized the spread of false information. Similarly, Facebook is flagging posts that the president or others call for elections before reputable sources do. On Thursday, Facebook shut down a group used to organize to help stop voting in major states.

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TikTok: Hundreds of Thousands of False Posts on US Elections | Technology

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