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TikTok’s growth over the pandemic paved the way for a new wave of influencers to hit our phone screens.

We still see millions of meticulously crafted YouTube videos watched, but TikTok users often take a slightly different approach.

Overcoming the pandemic, many new influencers are rushing to our little screen. Everything from healthy train spotting content to British-nominated music is displayed.

And in the year that web infrastructure company Cloudfare named the app more popular than Google, Sky News caught up with a new voice that made a breakthrough with the app, and how they made a new fame. I talked about how I got it.

Ilona Maher-USA Sevens Rugby Player-832k Follower

America and rugby are not necessarily synonyms. There are even fewer synonyms for female sevens rugby (a sevens and a half version of sevens rugby).

However, Ilona Maher is on a mission to change that and began to become viral when she showed users behind-the-scenes content of her time at this year’s Tokyo Olympics.

“”I knew that the Olympics would be the best time to bring your brand to the world and get people to see it, “Maher explained to Sky News.

“And I think TikTok is a great platform. Yes, people call it a kids app, but this app is powerful. At the Olympics, I just did it and I really did. It was real and people loved it.

Her first truly viral video showed her and other members of her team testing the infamous cardboard beds in the Olympic Village and doing a variety of activities to show their resilience. She said it was time.

“Everyone just does anything on the bed and it reacts organically,” I said.

“It was an American morning, so I slept with him … and when I woke up, I thought,’Everyone has 1.3 million viewers,’ but then I kept climbing.”

Ilona Maher (who has the ball) will play for the US Women’s Rugby Sevens Team. Pic: AP

And although she believes she’s a role model, she doesn’t have to censor the content to fit in the box.

“We consider role models untouched. We don’t do anything wrong. They’re just the best, but I’m very smart.

“I have a degree in registered nursing. I have a master’s degree. I’m a very nice person. But I don’t want to be in this box like a role model, so I need to appeal. Kids-That’s what someone was telling me.

“Oh, look at the content you’re putting out,” but I think “No, that’s me.”

“Similarly, if you know me, I make jokes like who I am, and I’m 25-I’m allowed to make those jokes .. [more adult] just kidding. Even role models do strange things.

Chiron Hamilton-Comedian-1.2 million followers

After graduating from drama school during the blockade, Kiron Hamilton turned to TikTok to show off his acting skills-for his one comedy kit, in which he played a teacher interacting with students. It became viral.

As a result, he sees himself as an agent and now dreams of appearing in a comedy show for television viewers.

“I was in the third grade and the COVID hit and I was really bored during the day … I kept laughing at people on TikTok. I thought they would make people laugh and do something. And the process was born of a blockade. “

Hamilton is best known for perspective-style clips that make users part of the experience and evoke memories of school days.

But he says he felt pressure to continue, sometimes after gaining tens of millions of views.

“I was excited about it and thought,’What a hell, this might be great.’

“I’m now feeling the pressure to make every video and try as hard as every other video to hit. When it was blocked, I really didn’t know if people knew it. . I … because I’m not used to meeting people I know I am.

“I didn’t really feel it because all I knew was the phone screen.”

And I’m not entirely sure what made him a common name, he says, “because I make them laugh and cheer up.”

He is now dreaming of appearing on television and hopes his exposure will help.

“I want to go into the world of performance in parallel with what I’m doing,” he explained.

“Without the platform here, we probably wouldn’t have had such an approach. Many doors and events were opened that we never thought would have happened before.”

Madi Lucy Dan-NHS Doctor-713k Follower

Doctors have been in a difficult situation for the past two years, accepting the country’s health and morale head-on.

For doctor Maddy Lucy Dann, she saw the app as an opportunity to face users directly, from her general thinking to the fight against false alarms on vaccines. Currently, this app is represented by one of the largest talent agencies in the country.

Dr. Dan first noticed how big a deal it was after one of the videos began to gain thousands of viewers, and now people regularly ask for photos when they find her. I said I could.

She was also taken over by the madness of the agency that takes care of Joe Wylee, Jessica Plummer, Martin Kemp and others. It emphasizes the power this app has on content creators.

“It was all a little surreal, really … because I didn’t have the real-world influence of the video,” she explained.

“I’m very happy to have someone see your potential … so I certainly felt the pressure from it, especially since the final goal wasn’t considered at all.

“When I started something on social media, I had a really good time, I really enjoyed the feedback I got, and I really enjoyed making things.

“But, OK, don’t get hooked. Think about what this means, what this means for the future, and a lot of things.”

“When I did a paid promotion type thing, I arranged it myself.

“At first I thought I was going to get this myself, but why pay someone a fee?

“But the amount of work I’m actually getting is worth it.”

Since discovering her fame, Dr. Dan has made a television appearance on a comedy show and entered the comedy world-while continuing as a doctor.

“That’s the human being of me as a whole. I’ve always tried not to be defined by some … I got all these things that make up me.”

TikTok: How the surge in app usage helped doctors, drama graduates, and athletes become popular names | Ent & Arts News

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