Through The Looking Glass: Coloured Contact Lenses

As the old saying goes, “the beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” That statement works a lot more, especially in this day and age. As we now have the option to improve the aesthetic properties of our eyes. Whether using them would be for medical or aesthetic purposes, contact lenses are the way to make a statement and pop out from your usual self. So what are contact lenses? And more importantly, are they safe to use at all? Let’s find out.

Coloured Contact Lenses: What are they?

Coloured contact lenses are items that have undergone specific development processes. They allow the wearer to change their eye color at any time at all. Users can utilize these lenses every day or during special holidays or occasions. Like regular ones, coloured contact lenses can be for cosmetic and medical purposes.

The Many Types Of Coloured Contact Lenses

These types of coloured contact lenses usually have a similar function. However, there are a couple of tints you can pick:

These types of lenses add a solid color to the visual item, although they are still transparent enough for the natural color of the eye to shine.

If you want a bluish or faint green tint, visibility tinted lenses would be your best bet. The best part about them is that they do not change the color of your eyes at all.

These lenses are the ideal choice if you want to change your eye color. They come with a non-transparent tint, which is decent for those with dark eye color. In addition, opaque tinted lenses come in a variety of designs, such as cat and vampire eyes, that works well for special functions.

Are They Safe To Use?

It should be clear as day that our eyes’ health and safety are necessary. Using coloured contact lenses requires you to have a fitting to get that ideal option for your eyes. A fitting is paramount regardless if you have plans to use the lenses for aesthetic or prescription purposes. Plus, it would promote your eyes’ health and safety.

Like most regular contact lenses, coloured ones mandate you to keep proper habits to keep your eyes protected and safe. In addition, you should follow all the instructions your eye care professional would give you. Doing so will guarantee that coloured contact lenses are safe to use.

For an individual who has no experience with wearing contacts, they should learn how to wear these items with care and proper direction. It would also pay to learn about your wearing schedule, as contact lenses do not allow that much oxygen to reach the cornea.

If You Do Not Play Things Safe

There are a great deal of things that can happen to your eyes if you do not wear regular or coloured contact lenses properly. Check some of them out below:

Also, take note that these items are not fully transparent. Any changes in pupil size can affect how you see things around you. So you have to pick a pair that fits perfectly with your pupils. So what better way to do that than getting in touch with a professional eye care worker?

Would You Need A Prescription?

As a matter of fact, you do. You will require a prescription from an eye care professional if you wish to purchase coloured contact lenses anywhere in the country. Although, some states might have different regulations and laws regarding such an issue.

Do not purchase any contact lenses you see in flea markets, novelty shops, and curio stands. The lenses from these locations might already be damaged or exposed to other materials. It would be better to get a new pair from a legitimate source.

Speaking Of Getting A Pair

You have the option to look for a pair from an eye care shop in most malls and outlets. You also have the choice to head online for your coloured contact lens hunting. The internet does not have a shortage of web pages that sell coloured contact lenses. But make sure that you have the necessary documentation before you purchase. Also, check if the site you are buying from is legitimate. You would not want to be the victim of a scam or something like that.

To Conclude Things

Coloured contact lenses are the perfect way to make your eyes shine and get heads turning. They amplify your eyes’ aesthetic appeal and protection. However, you should do what it takes to keep your eyes safe from harm by wearing these items with proper care and if you really need an eye test, you can visit the Contact Lenses site to learn more on how to get free eye test tips.


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