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Three features to add to your home exterior 

Although your home exterior may not be your main priority when it comes to home improvement, believe it or not, there are some ways to spruce it up to improve the overall look of your home. After all, decorating or adding new features should not only apply to the inside of your home! Stay tuned as we discuss some tips on what to add to your home exterior that will not only benefit you but improve your property’s curb appeal.

Outdoor living area

Although you may never have considered it to avoid the hassle, outdoor living areas are a perfect alternative for a warm summer’s day. Not only will this area make the outside of your home look more attractive, but it will also be highly beneficial and practical for the brighter months, such as spring and summertime. There are a vast number of online and retail store companies that offer a large selection of outdoor furniture meaning that your options will never be limited. However, we know what you are thinking, outdoor furniture can be pricey, and what is the point in purchasing if it is only likely to be used occasionally? Well, to resolve the financial concerns, outdoor furniture can be purchased within off-seasons, such as the autumn and winter months, when the products are not in as high demand. That means that the price will be relatively cheaper and you can simply store the products in a garage or shed until the colder months pass, and make your garden space go from 0-100 when the sun begins to shine and the nights get lighter! An outdoor corner sofa with a coffee table or even a large outdoor dining table with a canopy above is perfect to add to your home exterior. The options are endless. Top tip: keep an eye out for Black Friday sales, furniture prices should also dramatically reduce during this season!

 Invest in CCTV installation

CCTV cameras are not only for the rich and famous or commercial properties, they are useful devices to have within all residential properties, particularly if you take pride in your home and your exterior demonstrates affluence. Most often, burglars and thieves will target a property that portrays an image of containing a value within, therefore if you take pride in your home exterior, a CCTV camera is a must-have. It has been proven that if a trespasser is on your property with the wrong intentions, they will look out for any form of device that can record them. If they do notice a device recording them, their easiest and less risky option would be to leave the property, and that is what they will tend to do. Therefore, CCTV cameras do not only impose a threat to an individual with unlawful intentions, however, they prevent crime from actually occurring too! Why would you not add to your home exterior! Furthermore, CCTV cameras are highly advantageous even when they are not linked to, or recording crime, they can even be beneficial in innocent cases. For example, let’s say your neighbour or a passerby accidentally hits the wing mirror, or reverses into the side of your car, and drives off. As this is caught on camera, you can easily trace the number plate and have proof of the damage occurring through recorded evidence. For CCTV installation, click here.


Is the exterior of your home looking sort of bleak and dull? Well, we have the perfect solution for you! Adding greenery to your home exterior is perfect to perk up the area to make it look more vibrant and energised, and it doesn’t need to be all that difficult. There are a few alternative ways to how you can infuse green into your garden and exterior space. If you are an individual with a busy schedule who prefers less upkeep, artificial grass is great to add to your home exterior. Although you will probably need to hire a professional company to install the grass, it will be worth it in the long run! You can finally get rid of your old, temperamental lawn mower as you will never need to cut your grass again or worry about the condition of your grass after extreme weather conditions. Artificial grass has proven to have a life expectancy of up to 20 years, so it is definitely worth investing in! If you do love some gardening here and there, why not plant a few shrubs or trees around the garden? Or you could dedicate a corner of your space to a flower bed, featuring your favourite flowers to add a dramatic pop of colour to the exterior of your home. We would also advise investing in some greenery for the front door section of your home, after all, this area should be inviting, and plants will be sure to give off that vibe. Try placing two tall plants, in pots, at either side of your front door for a contemporary and symmetric touch.

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