Thousands of global study և job opportunities for UK students

Students in the UK are set to benefit from job placement around the world as applications open today for the second year of the Turing Scheme, which has seen students in more than a hundred countries since the start of last year.

Universities, schools and colleges are invited to apply for a grant of միլիոն 110 million for the next academic year to create life-changing opportunities around the world.

In the first year of the program, which replaced the UK participation in the Erasmus + scheme, British students began traveling to all corners of the globe, from Iceland to Indonesia.

Projects include 30 students from vulnerable groups in Wales who visited Cleveland, Ohio earlier this month to spend time at their peers in the United States, and 16 teenage students from Buckinghamshire who spent a week in Bangkok, Thailand and raised thousands of pounds for locals. orphanage.

As it supports work-study, the Turing scheme opens the door to volunteer opportunities in unique locations around the world. Universities and colleges in the United Kingdom can work with NGOs, government agencies and other schools to create opportunities for UK students to support their goals. Cambridge High School plans to send 40 students to Jodhpur, India as part of a fundraiser for a residential school in the region to help young people with disabilities.

Minister of Skills Alex Burgart said.

Since the beginning of last year, the Turing scheme has provided thousands of life-changing experiences, opening up minds, broadening the horizons for students from all over the UK, through placement in some of the world’s most exciting international destinations, from Bolivia to Brunei.

As part of our vision of a truly global UK, the government has been funding the Turing scheme for three years, and I urge every school, college and university to make bold, creative applications for next year so that more students can travel to new frontiers. earn, learn և develop their potential.

Minister of Skills Alex Burgart is today (March 31) visiting the University of St Andrews, University of Edinburgh, where he will meet students of chemical and electrical engineering who have improved their skills through work in Toronto, Zurich and Turing.

The International Vice-Chancellor of the University of Edinburgh, Professor James Smith, said:

The university has a proud international history. While welcoming international students in Scotland, we continue to create successful opportunities for our students to study with world-leading universities and industry partners.

Expanding participation, especially for disadvantaged students, is one of our top strategic priorities. We look forward to working with the UK Government to ensure that the Turing scheme enables us to continue to provide inclusive life-changing opportunities for all talented, bright students, regardless of their socioeconomic background.

We are looking forward to the second year of the Turing Program and look forward to sending students to all parts of the world. For this year’s placements, this is a great opportunity for students to embrace new learning experiences, make new friends, and immerse themselves in a different culture.

The launch of the Turing Scheme comes after it was confirmed that the UK had first achieved its target for the number of international students arriving in the UK almost 10 years ahead of schedule. New figures released in January show that in 2020/21, more than 600,000 international students chose to study in the UK, a figure the government has promised to achieve by 2030.

The Turing Scheme implements the Government’s mission to increase opportunities և livelihood opportunities across the UK by targeting areas that have previously benefited less from the Erasmus + program;

Competitions open on March 31st for nationwide universities, colleges and colleges in every region of the United Kingdom to apply for the second year of the Turing scheme for the 2022/23 academic year.

Based on data from universities, schools and colleges, which have a launch date of 1 March 2022, we can confirm that participants in the Turing of UK providers have traveled to 113 countries. We will publish a full overview of the progress when the projects are completed.

The Turing Scheme supports educational volunteering opportunities, including opportunities for UK universities ագա further colleges of education to partner with NGOs, non-profit organizations and social enterprises.

Thousands of global study և job opportunities for UK students

SourceThousands of global study և job opportunities for UK students

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