Thomas Tuchel: Toni Rudiger and others leaving Chelsea want to sign in style

Thomas Tuché insisted that Toni Rudiger and Chelsea’s other starting stars will be desperate to leave Stamford Bridge in style.

Rudiger is believed to have agreed to full terms with real Madridwith Los Blancos set to announce his free transfer to the Bernabeu Stadium once the season is over.

The 29-year-old will bring down the curtain on five years at Chelsea in the next two weeks, with the Blues still in pursuit of a third-place finish. premier league complete and play in the FA Cup final with Liverpool.

Andreas Christensen, pictured, is set to join Barcelona from Chelsea this summer (PA Wire)

(PA wire)

Andreas Christensen is supposed to go towards Barcelona on a free too, the Blues having lost two experienced central defenders this summer.

Tuchel admitted the starting players didn’t understand the effect their impending exits would have on the Stamford Bridge side but backed Rudiger and Christensen to return to top form to finish the campaign.

Asked if the starting players were determined to end their spells in west London on a high, Tuchel replied: “I’m absolutely convinced they want it. Maybe they underestimated the impact that decisions to sign for another club have, the impact that has.

“I feel like they’re living it now themselves, but they don’t want to and they don’t intentionally do it, but they do, it feels different, a different approach to games.

“Maybe those kinds of shock experiences are needed to really wake up and not come out of the season like that.

“Toni (Rudiger) is important. You never end with development and this is a key moment for his personal career. He knows it and I think he will step up. Now is the time to do it.

Thomas Tuchel, pictured, expects Chelsea players to raise their game to end the season on a high (Joe Giddens/PA)

(PA wire)

Chelsea travel to Leeds on Wednesday to improve on a run of just one win in their last five Premier League games.

The Blues are unable to move forward with summer transfer plans until the sale of the club to new owner Todd Boehly is complete.

The £4.25billion purchase of US tycoon Boehly from Roman Abramovich will be completed well before the May 31 deadline, when Chelsea’s government temporary operating license expires.

Abramovich’s UK government sanctions have prevented the Blues from making new deals with existing players or signing new signings, but normal service will be restored once Boehly takes possession.

When asked where the last few months of enforced inaction left Chelsea’s long-term recruitment plans, Tuchel insisted that no Stamford Bridge boss ever has the luxury of distracting the attention of the daily pressures in West London.

“You have to be careful with the long term plans at Chelsea; you can end up saying it’s not your plan anymore,” Tuchel said.

“So a long-term plan is two or three games – that’s how you live maybe a long-term plan.

“It’s more important than succeeding. It’s high level sport, we are judged every week.

“We depend on the results, on the atmosphere that we create and that we respect.

“For that, you need your energy, your focus. You have to like where you are.

“I can just say for me: it’s all here. That’s why I dig into situations like this and try to get out with my team, my staff and my players.

“There’s no other way. We’re still in a very, very privileged position on the board and things are a bit more uncomfortable.

“Things have been for a long time now where you sometimes wish ‘can’t we just have a positive message now for everyone’.

“A lift. But OK if you don’t get it, you don’t get it. Just put your head down and walk through it.

“It’s like in a football match sometimes where you have to suffer, suffer, suffer.

“The plan is to win games, pay attention to the atmosphere and the work ethic that we have. Then hopefully it lasts for a long time.

Thomas Tuchel: Toni Rudiger and others leaving Chelsea want to sign in style

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