This Week’s Paula Wine-November 30, 2021

Wine Advent Calendar Now Available

If you don’t have a wine advent calendar yet, don’t despair. Many of the well-known pre-prepared calendars are currently priced down as they only have a few days to open the window filled with the first wine. Currently, all large stores and wine retailers have a variety of wine advent calendars in stock, including 24 quarter bottles (187 ml for still red and white wine, 200 ml for sparkling). It is offered in style and price.

The first printed calendar, designed as a way to show the Second Coming and the countdown to the Second Coming, appeared in the early 20th century, with the addition of doors in the 1920s, and finding chocolate every day was not feasible. Late 1950s. A wine-filled calendar came out long after – Virgin Wines’ first calendar was 2016.

With tea, coffee, beer, malt whiskey, Japanese whiskey, gin, cocktails, ports, sparkling wine, and wine alone, you’ll find a drink-themed emergence calendar that suits all your interests.

Ardi’s octagonal wine advent calendar now costs £ 39.99 (formerly £ 49.99) and includes a mixture of sparkling and JP Chenet branded sparkling wines, while the sparkling wine advent calendar costs £ 10 to £ 10. It has dropped to 49.99.

Wraithwaite’s gigantic “festive chateau” is designed like a house with large windows and comes with a 187ml sized bottle as well as a half bottle of champagne pushed into the roof. You also have the chance to win another 6 bottles of wine by opening the winning window. Now it’s down from £ 10 to £ 69.99. Reduced the mix of 24 mini bottles of red, white, rosé and hot wine to £ 67.90 (from £ 74.99). It comes with a gift card message. And if you’re looking for an alcohol-free alternative, Wise Bartender ( Has a sweet and tasty vegan advent calendar that includes cider, cocktails and wine with an alcohol content of 0.5% or less. The first 250 orders of this will receive a discount of 30% to £ 39.99.

If you’re not looking for an Advent bargain, the full-port Quevedo Prestige Advent calendar costs £ 395 and comes with a durable 24-drawer wooden cabinet, each containing a 90ml port bottle.Next year we will reuse the cabinets and buy only refill packs for £ 245 (from)

Virgin Wines does not offer a £ 89.99 discount on the Advent Calendar for red, white and mixed wines. You get a full size bottle of wine with each and 24 miniatures.

For the ultimate bargain hunter, you can do it yourself. The mixing case for Laithwaites Miniatures 12x187ml bottles has dropped to 29.88 pounds. Therefore, buy two cases of these (£ 59.76 total) or stop by your nearest co-op to stock up on 187ml of your own branded wines and 35 miniature wines including famous wines such as Casillero del Diablo, Trapiche, Calvet and Lanson. I can.Champagne – Combine 24 red and white wines for £ 48.75

Wine Advent Calendar Choices from

Aldi Wine Advent Calendar is now £ 39.99

Aldi Sparkling Wine Advent Calendar is now £ 49.99

Laithwaites Festive Chateau is now £ 69.99

Choice of virgin red wine, white wine, or mixed advent calendar £ 89.99 Calendar up to £ 67.90

Wise bartender ( Sweet and delicious vegan advent calendar First 250 orders get a discount of 30% to £ 39.99 Port-filled Kebe Prestige Advent Calendar (£ 395)

DIY Laithwaites 2 Off Miniature Mix Case £ 59.76, or Co-op Mix 24 Miniature £ 48.75

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This Week’s Paula Wine-November 30, 2021

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