This Week’s Paula Wine-November 22, 2021

Lidl Festive Winter Wine Tour 2021 has started..

On Monday, November 22nd, Lidl’s festive wine choices will begin in-store on a winter wine tour. With 27 wines ranging in price from £ 5.49 to £ 15.99, there is a solid choice of white, red, rosé, sparkling and sweet dessert wines to suit turkey and tinsel this Christmas and New Year.

Although there are fewer options than in recent years (quarterly wine tour options started with 40 wines in 2015 and are gradually declining), Lidl’s presence in the UK has increased dramatically. increase. Currently, there are 860 stores nationwide, and Lidl is expected to reach 1,000 by the end of 2023.

So what’s the wine that stands out on your winter wine tour?

The cheapest is £ 5.49, with the rich flavor of Chilean red Carmenère. The highest is the sharp-tasting Chardonnay hidden behind the Chablis label of the Premier Dolls Remuse. The only rosé is from Portugal (£ 6.99 Cabriz Dao Rossé), which has proven to be a popular country for post-Brexit value wines. All wines from Hungary are on the winter tour labeled “Tokaji”.

Tokaj in Hungary is known for making sweet wines, and Tokaj Late Harvest Hárslevelű is a perfect example for £ 7.99. The Tokaji range also includes dry white wines made from furmint grape varieties. There are two Lidl on the winter tour – Tokaji Amethyst Furmint £ 6.99 and Carpinus Tokaji Furmint £ 7.99 – the taste and style are so close that I wonder why they are in stock.

Note that Organic Prosecco (Prosecco Vino Biologica £ 7.49) and Vintage Champagne (2014) are £ 19.99, and an Italian Red dump bottle of cherry and chocolate flavors – Feudi del Duca Susumaniello is £ 7.49.

Lidl Winter Wine Tour 2021 Recommendations

Carmenère Reserva Privada
£ 5.49 Lidl
A plumy flavor perfect for sausage casseroles and veggie chili.

Chablis Premier Crus Les Muses
£ 15.99 Lidl
This is almost the top level Chardonnay in the Chablis region of France, and only the Grand Cru wine has a higher status than the 40 Premier Cru. The label “Les Muses” is not a name directly associated with one of the named vineyard premier plots (or climates), but it is likely the name of an authorized “umbrella”. Don’t expect the flavor of butter, as Chablis Chardonnay does not use oak barrels to soften the flavors of apples and minerals.

Cabriz Dao Rosé
£ 6.99 Lidl
This slightly sweet “off-dry” Portuguese rosé is lightly flavored and will not offend anyone. Matches a cold lunch.

Tokaji Late Harvest Hearth Levelu
£ 7.99 Lidl
Sweet Hungarian wine with peach and lemon flavors. To match cheese and biscuits.

Comte de Senneval Brut 2014
£ 19.99 Lidl
The year’s champagne is called vintage and this is 2014. The flavors of candied fruit are concentrated. Great value for less than £ 20.

Feudi del Duca Susumaniello
£ 7.49 Lidl
Susmaniello is the name of the grape variety. Cultivated in southern Apulia, Italy, often used in blends, it tastes like chocolate or cherry in itself.

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This Week’s Paula Wine-November 22, 2021

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