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This is why some people are always hungry

London [UK], April 18 (ANI): Do you wonder why you always feel hungry? Recent research has been answered. The results of a new study show that people who experience a significant drop in blood sugar hours after a meal will feel hungry and burn hundreds of calories during the day than others. ..

The study was published in PREDICT’s Nature Metabolism. This is the world’s largest ongoing nutrition research program that examines the response to food in the real environment. Why some people are wondering why Kings College London and the research team at the health sciences company ZOE (including scientists at Harvard Medical School, Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, Massachusetts General Hospital, University of Nottingham, University of Leeds, and Lund University in Sweden) Even with a calorie-controlled diet, they struggle to lose weight, emphasizing the importance of understanding an individual’s metabolism when it comes to diet and health.

After eating a standardized breakfast and a free-choice diet for two weeks, the research team collected detailed data on glycemic response and other health markers from 1,070 people. A total of over 8,000 breakfasts and 70,000 meals. A standard breakfast was based on muffins that contained the same amount of calories but differed in composition in terms of carbohydrates, protein, fat and fiber. Participants also performed a fasting glycemic response test (oral glucose tolerance test) to measure how well their body processed sugar.

Participants wore a stick-on continuous glucose monitor (CGM) to measure blood glucose levels throughout the study and a wearable device to monitor activity and sleep. We also used the phone app to record the level of hunger and attention, along with the exact time and content of the day. After analyzing the data, the team noticed that some people experienced a significant “lowering of blood sugar” two to four hours after this first peak. , After the blood sugar level drops rapidly below the baseline, it returns to normal.

Larger dippers increased hunger by 9% and, despite eating the exact same meal, waited about 30 minutes less on average than smaller dippers, 75 calories more at 3. ate. Four hours after breakfast, you’ll get about 312 calories a day more than a small cassotte. This type of pattern can lead to 20 pounds of weight gain in a year. Dr. Salaberry of King’s College London said, “It has long been suspected that blood sugar levels play an important role in controlling hunger, but previous studies have shown that blood sugar levels are related to the food we eat. By changing the way we think about it, we have shown that sugar dips are a better predictor of hunger and subsequent calorie intake than the initial postprandial glycemic peak response. ” Ana Valdes of King’s College London, who was there, said: “Many people struggle to lose weight and lose weight. If you gain just a few hundred calories extra each day, you can weigh a few pounds. Postprandial blood glucose drops are hungry. Our discovery of a significant impact on sensation and appetite has great potential to help people understand and control their weight and long-term weight. Participants eat the same test meal. Comparing what happens when they do, it turns out that there are significant differences in glycemic response between people. Researchers are also big or small dippers with age, weight, or BMI. We found that there was no correlation, but on average men had slightly larger dips than women.

There is also some variation in the size of dips that each person experiences as they eat the same meal on different days, and whether you are a dipper depends on individual and daily differences in metabolism. Suggests. Daytime Impact of Dietary Choices and Activity Levels Choosing foods that work with your unique biology will help people feel full longer and eat less overall. (ANI)

This is why some people are always hungry

SourceThis is why some people are always hungry

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