“This guy is crazy”

Lewis Hamilton labeled his title rival Max Verstappen as “f *** ing crazy” after crashing behind him at the notable Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

Hamilton finally passed Verstappen and claimed victory The Dutch will score points for the final round of the season in Abu Dhabi.


Hamilton took the lead after a bizarre clashCredit: Getty
Hamilton remained angry after crashing behind Verstappen


Hamilton remained angry after crashing behind VerstappenCredit: Sky Sports

But the race, which included two separate red flags for various crashes, was littered with incidents. The strangest of all was lap 37.

VerstappenAlready given a five-second penalty for leaving the track early in the race, he was informed that he needed to return the lead to Hamilton according to Steward’s decision.

But as he slows down and allows Hamilton He seemed confused past Brit and didn’t pass him at first.

Later, when Hamilton drove behind Verstappen, he bumped into the back of Red Bull’s car. The incident that the seven-time champion believes was caused by Verstappen’s brake testing of him.

“This guy is crazy. It was dangerous to drive him,” Hamilton said during the race.

In a post-race interview, he added, “I didn’t know why he stepped hard on the brakes, so I bumped behind him. I was a little confused.”

When asked about the incident, Verstappen replied: “I slowed down, I wanted to pass him.

“I was on the right side, but he didn’t want to overtake, so we touched. I really don’t know what happened there.

“It will be decided [at Abu Dhabi] Have a nice weekend. “

Earlier, when receiving the praise of the Driver of the Day after the checkered flag, the 24-year-old said: “Fortunately, fans have a clear mind about racing.

“I’m just trying to race. Penalties are more important than racing in this sport. I’m glad the fans enjoyed it. I dedicated everything today.”

After the incident, Verstappen was called by Steward on suspicion of violating Article 2 (d) Chapter 4 Appendix L of the FIA ​​International Sports Code.

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It states: “Causes a collision. Repeated serious mistakes or the appearance of lack of control of the car (such as leaving the truck) is reported to the steward and the driver involved.”

Hamilton and Verstappen have previously clashed at the Grand Prix of England and Italy.

The pair is now heading to Abu Dhabi level in points, and Verstappen is leading just because he won eight races against 9 vs. Hamilton.

“This guy is crazy”

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