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Thinking feet when thinking about keeping a puppy

Edwin Poots, Minister of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs, visited Moira’s Nearly Livestock Rescue (NI) to do the work done by charitable organizations in rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of companions and other small animals throughout Northern Ireland. I checked it directly.

Sinead Sargent, Mid and East Antrim Council, Emma Meredith, Animal and Wildlife Liaison Officer, PSNI, DAERA Minister Edwin Poots, Sally Courtney, Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council.

During his visit, Minister Putz discussed the challenges associated with important work carried out by animal rehoming charities throughout Northern Ireland and paid tribute to their contributions to supporting the welfare of companion animals here. Under the #Pawsforthought campaign, DAERA has formed a group of institutions consisting of representatives of the Local Assembly, HMRC, Northern Ireland Police Services (PSNI), and Transaction Standards to work better. Discuss and nurture. To address the serious problems faced as a result of illegal trade in dog breeding.

Minister Putz welcomed the campaign, saying, “Trafficking of poorly welfare puppies is a prevalent problem in Northern Ireland, mainly driven by the huge demand for puppies in the UK. Before people buy puppies. It is imperative that you pay close attention to. The #Pawsforthought campaign highlights some of the problems faced as a result of illegal dog trafficking and increases public messages for Christmas.

“Everyone thinking about buying a pet is advised to thoroughly check the source to make sure that the animal receives proper care and attention at the beginning of a young life. Is important to avoid future health problems. Occurs for dogs as a result of initial negligence by malicious dealers. “

The Minister concluded: “Animal Rehoming Charity plays an important role in supporting animal welfare throughout Northern Ireland. It’s one of the many animals currently being cared for by anyone thinking about buying a pet. It is advisable to consider giving an eternal home of Northern Ireland’s Rehoming Center

PSNI Wildlife Liaison Officer PSNI Wildlife Liaison Officer Emma Meredith said: / Or dog fighting crime. PSNI will also report any suspected violations of the law to the Council’s Animal Welfare Officer or Council Executive Officer. “

Karen Mathews of the Almost Home Animal Rescue (NI) Center said: Finally, I leave home and not only almost go home, but also go home forever. “

A spokesperson for all 11 councils in Northern Ireland said, “This will allow enforcement agencies to take all necessary steps to protect the welfare of animals, tolerate illegal movements and meet legal requirements. Send a clear message.

“The council will continue to work with partner agencies to ensure that the information gathered is shared with local enforcement agencies and executive agencies in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, and the agencies use their respective authority to trade illegal puppies. Let’s work on it. The law alone cannot stop the breeding of illegal puppies. It works to identify breeders who prioritize financial benefits over the need for welfare of dogs and puppies. It is necessary for the members of the public institution and the related executive organs to work together. “

Thinking feet when thinking about keeping a puppy

SourceThinking feet when thinking about keeping a puppy

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