Things to do in Texas City

Texas City played a huge role in the history of the state. It is an important centre of the oil and petroleum industry with the busy nearby harbour. Simultaneously, it is a small town within the Houston metropolitan area and sits adjacent to Galveston, meaning you will find numerous attractions, historical places and things to do outdoor.

It’s hard to describe how big Texas is, and the southern part with the most populous town of Houston is a great way to start exploring the Long Star State. Foreign visitors must have travel authorization to visit the US, and ESTA Visa is the easiest way to get into the country. However, it is only for the people from countries in Visa Waiver Program. Most of the time, ESTA application goes without problems, but there are ESTA denied cases. So make sure you fill the application carefully and truthfully.

Fun things to do in Texas City

The Texas City Museum is a spacious 30,000 square foot building that strives to attract visitors with interactive exhibits about the history of Galveston County. Located in the former J.c. Penney building, the museum shows displays about the 1947 Texas City Disaster. You can find Dahlgren Cannon from U.S.S. Westfield, the timeline from the city’s founding until now, and interactive Children’s discovery room.

Suppose you like the great outdoor go to the Texas City Dike, where locals go fishing and kite surfing. You can grab equipment by the beach, and another popular activity on the Dike is watching romantic sunsets.

Tanger Outlets Galveston is a nearby shopping Mecca with more than 80 outlet stores, plenty of shaded areas, and a diverse and rich food court. The Gulf area has some of the best attractions in Texas City. You can head down to Bay street Park. This public area has numerous amenities like playgrounds and picnic areas. In the summer months, concerts are held in the park, and substantial aero plane replicas attract kids. Steam train locomotive is the main attraction of Noble park, another popular public park in the area.

Texas highlights

After visiting Texas City, Galveston beaches and Huston, it’s time to explore the rest of the state. Johnson Space Center and Mission Control are 30 minutes from Houston. You can explore space shuttle replica, Skylab- the first American space station, and numerous other artefacts and technologies from NASA’s illustrious history.

San Antonio Riverwalk is among the most prominent tourist attractions. Wonderful promenade by the river that flows through the city’s heart features pedestrian walkways, countless bars and restaurants. You can also go on a riverboat cruise. While in San Antonio, you should pay a visit to the Alamo, a historic place in the battle for Texas.

One of the most recognizable sights from Texas come from Big Bend National Park, located in the Chihuahuan Desert. A huge bend of Rio Grande River carved some of the most stunning sceneries, and you will have numerous opportunities for hiking, camping and photography.

Austin is the state capital and one of the most vibrant cities in the state. You can start exploring the city with the Texas State Capitol building that dates back to 1888. Besides the impressive National Historic Landmark, you can find a big park with Alamo and Vietnam War veterans monuments.

Another historic place in Texas is the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas. Red-brick building hosts the spot where the assassination of John F. Kennedy took place. Again, you can find historical documents, objects and footage.

Texas has no shortage of natural attractions, and among the most impressive is Guadalupe Mountains National Park, some 100 miles from El Paso. You can find numerous animal species, the four tallest mountain peaks in the state and more than 80 miles of hiking trails.

Texas in March

If you travel to Texas in March, you can encounter numerous festivals. Rio Frio Fest is a spring break experience for country music lovers. The idea is simple, floating on the river during the day, and live music at night. The location of the festival is Concan.

McDade near Austin hosts Sherwood Forest Faire, a Renaissance Festival with costumes from the era, battle reenactments and loads of comedy shows, music, foods and drinks.

Younger visitors can enjoy the Ultimate Music Experience South Padre Island festival, while traditionalists can visit North Texas Irish Festival in Dallas.

Whatever you’re planning, make sure you have ESTA application USA ready. Without valid travel authorization, you won’t be able to enter the country. Furthermore, since ESTA lasts for two years, you can thoroughly plan the itinerary once you obtain ESTA Visa.

Bottom line

Texas City is a small town within the Houston metropolitan area. It is close to the Gulf beaches but also heavily industrialized. You can find historic landmarks and fun outdoor activities in town. You can start your Texas adventure by the Gulf and explore the vast area of the Lone Star State and its countless attraction and natural landmarks.




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