These 7 Industries Actually Prospered During Coronavirus

In the business space, coronavirus impacted businesses more than any disaster in recent history. Surprisingly, some businesses were not affected by the pandemic at all. Quite the contrary, they’ve been thriving like nothing ever happened. Below are some of them.

Delivery Services

Any business that made people’s life easier at the peak of COVID-19 was thriving. Think of delivery services. With most people quarantining at home, the best way to access food and items after shopping was through delivery startups.

According to, food delivery apps doubled within three months of coronavirus becoming a global pandemic. It makes sense. Most people can’t cook at home because they have little means of buying groceries.

However, they could order food and pay a delivery company to deliver the food to their door-steps. Now, it’s not just food delivery apps that thrived last year. Most delivery companies recorded increased profits throughout the lockdown period.

Shopping Websites

Shopping websites have been reaping big since the pandemic hit the world. Amazon, in particular, added $401 billion to its market capitalization last year. And this is all thanks to its dominance in the eCommerce space.

At one time last year, Amazon was so overwhelmed with orders that it suspended shopping for non-essential items. Most eCommerce stores didn’t generate as much revenue as Amazon in 2020.

But they recorded outstanding sales, nonetheless. From eBay and etsy to and BestBuy, all the leading eCommerce stores in the UK and the US have been thriving since the start of the virus.

Interestingly, all signs show the online shopping craze isn’t going anywhere. Although lockdown restrictions have eased and people can move around, a growing segment of the population plans to continue shopping online.

Online Casinos

Maybe you’ve heard it from a friend. Or you’ve come across an article about how the online gaming industry is worth billions. It’s true—people make loads of money playing games online. Importantly, there are tons of ways to make money from the industry.

One popular option is to start a streaming channel on Twitch or YouTube. Basically, you hold live session showcasing your video game or poker skills. Another option is to compete in tournaments or to provide game reviews.

If you prefer to play slots and blackjack, find great websites like Then compare the best online casinos and choose the right platform for you. Next, add funds to your account and play your favorite games for real cash.

Besides making money, the online gaming industry has been thriving for a good reason: it’s full of games for everyone. And at a time when theaters and concert halls were closed down, gaming stepped up as one of the best forms of entertainment during the pandemic.

Fitness Apps and Websites

Gyms were some of the first businesses to close down at the peak of the pandemic. Still, people needed to stay fit. So, orders for yoga mats and gym equipment started flowing. People not ready to invest in fitness tools turned to apps and websites that helped with fitness.

The best fitness apps provide guidance on meals to eat, portions and exercise routines to follow to stay healthy. And because you can control your own pace, fitness apps have been an excellent replacement for instructors.

Speaking of instructors, not every fitness coach has given up on their job during this pandemic. Most of them opened YouTube channels or websites where they have been providing fitness instructions virtually.

Like online shopping, virtual fitness companies aren’t likely to fade away any time soon. Considering the pandemic isn’t over, a majority of fitness fans still prefer to exercise at home over attending physical gym sessions.

Tech Companies

Tech companies had an excellent year in 2020. Lockdown was in full-force and companies were adapting to the pandemic by involving tech in their business. First, companies needed ways to interact with their employees virtually. The result: Zoom and other video conferencing apps skyrocketed in popularity.

Second, every business needed to protect itself from online hacking. So, Virtual Private Networks, antimalware programs and other security tools got suddenly popular. Microsoft Office, Google Suite, web hosting and freelancing are other niches within the tech industry that thrived throughout the pandemic.

Of course, social media also benefited greatly throughout the pandemic. People spent more time on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in 2020 than any other year in the past.

The Healthcare Industry

Needless to say, the healthcare industry was the center of fighting coronavirus since March. All stakeholders, from doctors and nurses to cleaning officers and managers had to attend work. Sometimes healthcare workers had to spend long hours inside hospitals to take care of their patients.

Crucially, not just the people working for hospitals had a busy year in 2020. Scientists helping come up with a vaccine, pharmacists and counsellors worked long hours to keep people safe. Many of them are still busy doing their respective jobs now that the pandemic is far from over.

Car Rental Services

For some, work had to go on even in the midst of a pandemic. However, safety had to come first. And that meant renting a car made more sense than using the tube, buses or regular taxis.

Sadly, the demand for rental cars quickly outstretched supply and prices went parabolic. In some states in the US, it was not unusual for prices to shoot past $1000 for renting a small sedan for a day.

With the prices rising beyond reason, people went as far as renting house moving tracks because they were cheaper. With time, the prices have come down but not to pre-COVID times.

Due to that, the situation has also created demand for used cars. After all, why rent a car for a week for $3000 when you could buy a used car?

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