The X Factor and The Voice singer Natagna Brooke dies at age 23

X factor When voice Singer Natagna Brooke died at the age of 23.

The singer suffering from epilepsy was playing a game with her friends at the time of her sudden death.

Often referred to as Tanya, Natagna was an avid gamer and part of a semi-professional gaming team.

According to the 23-year-old inquest, she was in the middle of the game when she suddenly became silent. Natagna was awake until around 2:00 am on August 1, 2021.

Natagna’s mom, Jenny Brook, checked her the next morning to see her daughter lying in bed, but speculated that she was asleep.

Natagna Brook died suddenly at the age of 23 in August 2021

Jenny returned a few hours later and saw Natania in the same position.

according to mirrorThe worried mother tried CPR on her unresponsive daughter and called an ambulance crew.

Tragically, Natagna was sentenced to death at her home near Maidstone, Kent.

Jenny said of her daughter’s sudden death, “It’s like the lamp was switched off. I was a little relieved because I didn’t feel the pain she was hearing.

“I still have a big hole and she was such a wonderful bright light in my life that I miss her.”

Besides starring in The Voice and X Factor, Natanya was a semi-professional gamer

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The devastated mother continued to describe Natagna as her “best friend.”

“I told her everything, she told me everything, even some of the things I didn’t want to know,” Jenny said.

“She had the best sense of humor, and no one I know had her bad memories.

“Tagna was a real person and could easily stop people’s claims. This girl was amazing.”

Natagna auditioned for both Voice and The X Factor

After death, Dr. Dirndl McKenna, who wrote the report, said there were no abnormalities in any of Natagna’s major organs, and because of the sudden nature of her death, her death is the result of her epilepsy. I found it likely.

Natagna is thought to have a history of “absence seizures,” including the onset of absence epilepsy at the young age of six. This causes late singers and gamers to suddenly lose consciousness and stare at empty spaces.

The cause of death hearing heard that this had happened many times. That is, Jenny had to save her daughter from danger many times.

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The X Factor and The Voice singer Natagna Brooke dies at age 23

Source link The X Factor and The Voice singer Natagna Brooke dies at age 23

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