The worst injury ever on the Dancing on Ice when the hit ITV skate show is back

Along with impressive (and non-impressive) routines performed in Dancing on ice Years of injuries, according to celebrities, make up some of the most scene-stealing moments on ITV shows.

Skating competitions have become famous for the serious accidents that occur frequently during rehearsals. Famous athletes often had no experience before joining the series and learned the tricky skill of skating on thin ice.

Figuratively, that’s what they did every time they practiced a new move or jump. From time to time, they found themselves and their professional partners injured in the process.

Dancing on Ice is back on January 16th with a new series and a large number of contestants

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As the series returns, more celebrities are at risk of being hit or hurt by the ice rink. Love islandof Liberty pool, Kimberly Wyatt When Brendan ColeLet’s look back at some of the worst injuries we’ve had in skate shows after 16 years of running.

Antony Cotton Rib Fracture

Antony Cotton was taken to the hospital after falling into the series in 2018

Coronation Streetof Antony Cotton After landing on my back from a fall during a rehearsal, I crushed my ribs while competing in the 2018 Dancing on Ice series.

The pair crashed into the floor and Anthony suffered and was frightened because he couldn’t breathe because he was so wrong with his dance partner Brandy Mart.

“We lost balance and both fell backwards on the ice,” Antony said.

“Fortunately, Brandy was unharmed, but was taken to the hospital and found to have some broken ribs in the front and back.”

Despite his injured diagnosis, the actor bravely returned to the competition and joked, hopefully “you’ll see painkillers and sequins.” [him] finished. “

Jennifer Ellison’s scalp slice

Jennifer Ellison sliced ​​her scalp on her skates

Jennifer was immediately treated by a healthcare professional

The most horrific injuries recorded live at skate shows happened when the actress happened Jennifer Ellison I was able to slice my scalp behind the ice skates during the routine.

2012, the former Brookside The star performed a bold scorpion kick move. This caused her to turn her arch backwards, kick one leg high behind her, and hit her scalp.

After Jennifer finished her daily life, a rescuer urgently took care of her, causing a sharp contact to bleed Jennifer’s head.

“Obviously the heartbeat and a lot of blood are coming out, so her whole hair was bright red, but she’s in great hands,” said her professional skater partner Dan Whiston after a horrific accident. Was relieved.

Joe Swash’s bizarre ear blunder

Joe Swash was kicked on ice skates during training

Joe swash After his ears hit ice skates during training, he experienced perhaps the most unique wound in the series in 2020 and sent him to the hospital immediately to drain the infected fluid.

The comic presenter didn’t feel that the situation was so strange after being left with “cauliflower ears” and had to put a big bandage on his head a week ago. The final that he still won impressively Despite his accident.

“I knocked on my ears. It’s like cauliflower ears. It was just swollen and I had to drain it a little,” explained professional partner Alex Murphy. It happens before. “

Dennis van Oten’s broken shoulder

Dennis Van Oten hurt her shoulder at the end of the performance

Mom was injured during the Dancing on Ice rehearsal

Dennis van Oten She scared the contestants of the first week with a series of dancing on ice last year because she suffered an incredibly painful injury. Recently she said she was still recovering..

Dennis broke his shoulder in three places, partially dislocated, spent the rest of his time wearing a sling on the show, and bravely performed one performance before the doctor instructed him to finish the show early. I stirred it.

“Unfortunately, after the rehearsal, I knew that the NHS was growing too much and didn’t want to bother the NHS, so I spent 15 hours dislocating my shoulders,” she later said. .. Loose female..

She added: I can’t say. “

Yebin Mok was stabbed in the leg

Professional skater Yebin Mok was stabbed by a skate blade

Another horrifying graphic injury that happened at the show happened when a professional skater happened Yebin Mok was stabbed in the leg Very deeply, host Philip Scofield claimed that you could “see the tendons.”

Skater was injured while training with a celebrity Graham Bell As a result, I had to leave the show in the first week, but after a few weeks I was able to come back and please the audience.

“I fell while training on Monday and Yevin fell behind the skates,” Graham explained later.

“She was severely amputated at the shin and needed surgery to clean and sew the wound. Fortunately, there was no nerve or tendon damage.”

Beth Tweddle smashed his head

Beth Tweddle won the 2013 series after hitting his head in a messy fall

Former Olympic gymnast Beth TweddleWhen she joined the 2013 series and tried to perform a difficult move, Whirlybird, her athletic ability wasn’t on her side.

When she was swayed by professional skater Dan Whiston, Beth lost grip with her partner and hit her head against the ice with a nasty fall that worried about fellow athletes, judges and crews nearby. ..

She shockedly claimed she was “healthy” with a dazzling sensation as she returned to Link after the accident and continued to win the show with incredible events.

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The worst injury ever on the Dancing on Ice when the hit ITV skate show is back

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