The woman whose cake was stolen 77 years ago finally gets an apology – and a new cake

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As late birthdays go by, Meri Mion’s 13th celebrations really take the cake.

In 1945, American soldiers marched into the city of Vicenza in Italy, near the village of San Pietro.

The 88th Infantry Division had reached the city after fierce fighting with German soldiers.

In San Pietro, Meri and her mother were getting ready to celebrate their 13th birthday.

A freshly baked cake was left on the windowsill to cool off when the couple heard that the conflict between American and German soldiers had reached a climax.

They scurried to a souterrain in a farmhouse where they spent the night.

Bullets from retreating Nazi soldiers rained down on their house, but in the morning the Germans were gone.

But Meri’s birthday cake had also disappeared – and it is thought that spicy American soldiers had mocked it on the way to Vicenza.

America has now officially apologized for the lost cake, and even Meri bought a replacement.

Meri was rewarded this morning with a replacement birthday cake in Vicenza (Photo: AP)
It commemorates her lost 13th birthday – but also celebrated her 90th birthday today (Photo: Laura Kreider)

The Italian, who has turned 90 today, shed tears when she was presented with the cake at a special ceremony held this morning.

She uttered ‘mamma mia’ and ‘grazie’ when she accepted the gesture of good will.

Soldiers, locals and Italian veterans gather together to sing their Happy Birthday in both Italian and English as the sun shines.

Meri waved American flags and beamed at the American soldiers as she celebrated her birthday.

Meri seems to have forgiven America for the tartar incident of 1945 (Photo: Laura Kreider)
Sgt. Peter Wallis presented the late birthday cake during a ceremony today (Photo: Laura Kreider)

Meri was both emotional and surprised that the American soldiers had the cake back 77 years later.

“Tomorrow we will eat that dessert, with all my family remembering this wonderful day that I will never forget,” she said.

Sgt. Peter Wallis, from Washington, presented the cake to Meri, with Colonel Matthew Gomlak, commander of US Army Garrison Italy.

Sgt Wallis said: ‘It was a little awkward, but it makes me great to give her the cake.’

About 19 American soldiers were killed or wounded and several tanks destroyed when the Germans were expelled from Vicenza in 1945.

There were cheers from Italians as Americans marched into the city after winning the battle.

During a parade by Corso Palladio, the famous passage of Vicenza, happy inhabitants even offer the troops bread and wine.

‘That warm welcome by the people of Vicenza remains to this day,’ added Colonel Gomlak.

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The woman whose cake was stolen 77 years ago finally gets an apology - and a new cake

Source link The woman whose cake was stolen 77 years ago finally gets an apology - and a new cake

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