The woman didn’t know she had a £ 28m lottery in her WEEKS wallet.

The German woman apparently had a winning lottery worth £ 28m (33 million euros) According to the authorities, in her purse of WEEKS.

According to Lot Bavarian, the only winner of the June 9 draw in Germany was an unnamed 45-year-old woman.


An unnamed woman reportedly carried a winning lottery ticket worth £ 28 million in her purse.Credit: Alamy
This despised buying a ticket a few weeks ago


This despised buying a ticket a few weeks agoCredit: Alamy

She told reporters that she continued to “carelessly” carry around her newly found property, despite correctly guessing the seven fields of the lottery last month.

She now vowed never to win the lottery again, adding, “more than enough for my husband, my daughter, and me.”

Lot Bavarian quotes the woman as follows:

One mother EuropeanA € 1.20 (£ 1) lottery after recently reassessing her interest in competition.

The company suggests that this amount is the second highest amount ever paid in 75 years of history.

Lucky ticket owners added that they plan to take advantage of the lucky weather to lead a healthy life and do more for the environment.

“This means a healthy diet, more time for exercising in the fresh air, and responsible treatment of our environment,” she explained.

She told local reporters: “We are also very excited to soon be able to build our own energy-saving and resource-saving home with a natural garden.”

She added to other lottery players, “I wish you as much luck as possible.” [she] Had “-quote a number of unfortunate ticket owners around the world who didn’t have the same friction on the green.

But not everyone was so lucky with the unbilled lottery


But not everyone was so lucky with the unbilled lotteryCredit: Alamy

Earlier this year, a young British couple Missed £ 182m EuroMillions jackpot When they realize that the winning tickets have not been paid.

Rachel Kennedy (19) and Liam Macrohan (21) from Hertfordshire were “absolutely sad” when they noticed the increase in their usual numbers, but they didn’t win anything.

A couple of both students played 6, 12, 22, 29, 33, 6, and 11 winning numbers for five weeks in a row before all seven digits were displayed in the Friday draw.

Rachel’s account was set up to automatically buy EuroMillions tickets with her regular number, but her account didn’t have the right funds to pay for the tickets.

“I called, thinking I had earned £ 182m, and said,” I had the correct number, but it didn’t actually pass because I didn’t have the money to pay for the ticket in my account. ” I was struck. “Rachel said.

They advanced Martin and Kay Tot. They shocked their lives when they realized they had earned £ 3m in 2001, six months after buying the ticket.

But they couldn’t find the ticket by the time they saw the winner appealing to come forward.

After a painful 45-day deliberation, Camelot told the devastated couple that he would not receive cash because the ticket must be reported within 30 days.

Tots has launched a public campaign for celebrities like Richard Branson and then Prime Minister Tony Blair to express their support and seek help.

However, Camelot was not upset, and under the tension of their amazing misery, the couple’s marriage collapsed.

An urgent warning was issued against a text message hoax claiming to have won the Amazon lottery as the victim revealed the loss

The woman didn’t know she had a £ 28m lottery in her WEEKS wallet.

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