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The whole Western world will be guided by the values ​​shown by Ukraine.

Good evening, we are from Ukraine! In just two weeks, this greeting became the motto of Ukraine. We are not just a country, but a big family, where everybody is closely connected. Apparently, we ourselves did not expect such a union. Every Ukrainian takes a blow right now. And every Ukrainian is doing the best they can both in Ukraine and abroad. Our nation has become a big shield for our homeland.

At that time, every business of different sizes and spheres of activities must adapt to the military conditions of work, becoming a rear for those regions where work is currently impossible.

In our marketing agency, the customer base includes more than 800 companies of various profiles. According to surveys, every manager of these companies understands that at these times he is not just a cog in the wheel of a larger machine. Now each of them holds a fort not only on the battlefield, by:

  • providing the country with the necessary goods;
  • paying the salaries;
  • paying taxes;
  • making donations for the needs of the Ukrainian charity foundations;
  • are being engaged in volunteering.

The whole Western world will be guided by the values shown by Ukraine..jpg

All as one, we are trying to be useful where we can. We see that business owners today choose to make unpopular decisions and continue to work in conditions of enormous risk. They know that it is for the benefit of our future. Everybody has to know that every business, every Ukrainian is paving the way to victory.

Pessimism is a luxury we cannot afford. Despite the terrible events of every day of the war, despite the explosions, death – we are becoming stronger, more resilient, strengthening our spirit and defense on all fronts. Today, each of us is Zelensky, because he deserved such people, and the people deserved such a president.

We even have a kind of military language, which has already gone down in history: “Russian warship go…”, “say palyanitsa”, “bandero-smuzy”, “Putin ***” and the main quote of the Ukrainian president: “I will kneel, but I will not bring Ukraine to its knees.” These and many other quotes have become famous all over the world.

Why is it so?

Because our colleagues: design agencies, IT companies, marketing agencies – have created so many advertising campaigns, banners, videos and other content that even if we summarize the work of the last two years, we will not achieve such numbers. And most importantly, all these companies are aimed at maintaining morale, fighting fakes, bringing the truth to all people on the planet. Now everyone forgot about tenders, agreements, contracts.

A new era has begun: THE AGE OF UNSELFISH UNITY. Ukraine is undergoing tremendous changes, making the country a Great World Brand to be matched, followed by an example to be admired. And in the future it will definitely serve as a basis for marketing activities.

The values ​​that Ukraine has shown will be the basis for the whole Western world. Today Ukraine is the leader of the free world. It is a pity that for strength and power, for the thirst for freedom – we have to pay a terrible price, pay with the blood of innocent people and children. Such a strong nation deserves victory and will surely achieve it. It’s only a matter of time.

Gocnharov Rodion from Ukraine

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