The waiting list hits a new high as the NHS boss admits the system is “hot”

The NHS waiting list has grown by another 174,000 in just one month, with 5.74 million waiting for surgery in August, and NHS bosses warn that the system is “hot.”

The accident and emergency department has reached its busiest September since 2010, with 2.1 million people coming to the hospital, 26% more than it was a year ago.

The NHS latency data does not include mental health. An estimated 1.5 million people are waiting for treatment, with a total of more than 7 million on the NHS waiting list in the UK.

This is the highest number since recording began in August 2007 and includes those awaiting hip and knee replacement and cataract surgery.

A record 5,025 people had to wait at least 12 hours in bed at A & E after being admitted to the hospital. Hospitals across the country have recently declared an incident in which ambulance trust faces a long delay in handing over patients. One of Shropshire waited 13 hours before entering the A & E.

The latest data released by the NHS England highlight the crisis facing the NHS in the summer. The military has called for assistance in driving ambulances, and an increasing number of patients are unable to book GPs due to a shortage of doctors and increasing demand.

The number of patients waiting for more than two years of daily work in the United Kingdom reached 9,754 in August. The number of people waiting for more than a year has been declining for the fifth straight month as hospitals are trying to deal with the unprocessed portion. A total of 292,138 patients have been waiting for at least a year.

Ambulances responded to a record 76,000 life-threatening calls, an increase of more than 20,000 from September’s record high, with 999 operators receiving nearly 1 million calls in September.

The NHS England has instructed hospitals to stabilize the number of patients waiting for treatment in hospitals, keep waiters for more than a year at current levels, and eliminate two years of waiting by March next year.

Professor Stephen Powis, Health Director of the NHS England, said: And a record 999 ambulance calls.

“But despite the busiest September on record, NHS staff have moved heaven and earth to take full advantage of the additional investment that provides millions of tests, checks, processes, and operations. I did.

“That’s why it’s so important not to delay asking the NHS for help if you feel sick.”

The NHS still offers less than 90% of its activity compared to before the pandemic, but is waiting for diagnostic tests to decline for the first time this year. This follows the launch of a new diagnostic community hub to address the test backlog.

The number of urgent cancer referrals made by the British GP in August was 210,931, an increase of 24% from the 170,036 reported last August. The equivalent figure for August 2019, a year without a pandemic, was 200,317.

King’s Fund think tank chief analyst Shiva Ananda Shiva said the numbers show that the NHS is “fighting on multiple fronts.”

He added: “The planned hospital care waiting list continues to rise towards levels not seen since the waiting time crisis of the 1990s.

“A & E performance is already at record lows as the effects of winter continue.

“After years of underinvestment, the cost of addressing the untreated portion of NHS building and equipment maintenance issues now exceeds £ 9.2 billion, a significant proportion of which harms staff and patients. Needs urgent action to avoid.

“The government has announced a large amount of additional funding to support NHS services, but has not yet fulfilled its promise to increase capital investment in buildings and equipment and is needed to address the chronic labor shortage. We do not provide the necessary funding to train and train our staff.

“The Spending Review later this month is an opportunity to get it right, or there is a risk of reducing the backlog of waiting lists, modernizing services and undermining efforts to fulfill government manifest promises.”

The waiting list hits a new high as the NHS boss admits the system is “hot”

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