The vet for Trump’s boss is one of two men arrested in the “Philly Voting Count Attack Plot After Armed and Driving with QAnon Hummer”

The VETS For Trump boss is one of two men arrested in a plot to attack Philadelphia’s votes after an armed pair arrived at QAnon Hummer.

Joshua Mathias, 42, and Antonio Ramotta, 61, from Chesapeake, Virginia, were booked Thursday night after being warned by police about plans to attack the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

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Joshua Macias, 42, founded Vets for Trump in 2016Credit: LinkedIn


Police also seized HummerCredit: AP: Associated Press


A QAnon sticker was affixed to Trump to promote the uncovered conspiracy theory.Credit: AP: Associated Press

Mathias founded a veterinarian for Trump in 2016 and LaMotta is a member of the organization.

Both men were arrested outside the facility and police seized the AR-15 rifle and Hammer.

Philadelphia police officer Daniel Outlaw told reporters on Friday that the FBI had received a tip that people were heading to Philadelphia with their weapons after 10 pm local time.

She said she learned that a man, his mom, and another were traveling to the city of Pennsylvania to “correct things” as Joe Biden was slowly heading towards victory. It was.

At 10:30 pm, Philadelphia police noticed an unmanned Hummer with a Virginia plate adorned with stickers promoting the conspiracy theory QAnon in a video obtained by ABC.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported parking on North 13th Street near the convention center.

A few minutes later, a police officer on a bicycle patrol saw two armed men holding a woman and a pistol.


Mathias was booked last night with a fellow veterinarian for Trump member Antonio Ramotta.Credit: Facebook


Police found Hummer near the center minutes after receiving the tipCredit: 6ABC


Police arrested two armed men near the convention centerCredit: 6ABC


Hummer’s group was reportedly armed with AR-15 rifles.Credit: 6ABC

Mathias then told police that he had a Virginia cover-in permit that was invalid in Pennsylvania, but Ramotta did not have a gun permit, was arrested, and the woman was not charged.

“Police got two loaded semi-automatic Beretta pistols, one semi-automatic AR-15-style rifle, and ammunition,” said district attorney Larry Krasner while inspecting Hammer.

According to Fox News, Macias and La Motta were charged with felony and misdemeanor weapons crimes, and the FBI took over the investigation.

But Vladimir Lemets, executive director of Vets for Trump, tells the Philadelphia Inquirer that “non-hostile guys” want to see if they can help and find out what’s going on. Said.

A few days after Tuesday’s vote, votes are still being counted in four fierce battle states, including Pennsylvania, and Democrat Joe Biden is confident of winning president from Donald Trump.


Hummer was found parked near the convention centerCredit: AP: Associated Press


A parking violation envelope is affixed to the Hummer windshield Credit: AP: Associated Press


People demonstrate outside the Pennsylvania Convention Center where votes are countedCredit: AP: Associated Press

Biden gained more positions in Trump, Georgia and Pennsylvania on Friday, approaching the White House time after Trump falsely claimed the election was “stolen” from him.

Supporters of both Trump and Biden rally in Philadelphia early Thursday as the electoral college slowly counted thousands of mail votes that could determine 20 votes for key Pennsylvania electoral colleges. Opened.

Trump activists waved flags and put up signs saying “voting will stop on election day” and “sorry, voting has been closed”, with Biden supporters across the street early in the day. I danced to the music behind the barricade.

Biden reduced Trump’s lead in the state to just over 18,000 by early Friday, but his deficit in Georgia, with 16 electoral votes, shrank to about 650.

The court ruled on Thursday that more Republican observers could enter the Philadelphia building where voting workers are counting votes.


Trump supporters gather at the Pennsylvania Convention CenterCredit: Rex Features


They intensified protests on Thursday night when men were arrestedCredit: Rex Features


Biden supporters also gathered outside the Pennsylvania Convention CenterCredit: Rex Features

The United States Postal Service said about 1,700 votes had been confirmed and are in the process of being delivered to election authorities during two sweeps late Thursday at a processing facility in Pennsylvania.

Since the election day, Trump has fired a tweet calling for a suspension of votes, claiming without proving that there was a fraudulent vote.

But his tweet is hidden in a notice telling people that the claim is misleading.

On Thursday, Facebook closed the pro-trump group Stop the Steal, which had organized protests against the ballot counting.

On Friday, Biden had a 253-214 lead in a state-by-state electoral college vote to determine the winner, and was heading towards securing the 270 votes needed to win.


Protesters confront Proud Boys at Pennsylvania Convention Center Credit: Rex Features


Activists demonstrate across the streets where votes are counted in PhiladelphiaCredit: Mark Makela


Protesters are holding flowers and a sign that says “COUNTEVERY VOTE” Credit: Mark Makela

The 77-year-old Biden will become president-elect by winning in Pennsylvania or by two of the trio of Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona.

Trump’s most likely path seemed narrow-he had to hang in both Pennsylvania and Georgia and overtake Biden in either Nevada or Arizona.

Georgia and Pennsylvania officials said they hoped to end the count on Friday, but Arizona and Nevada are expected to take a few days to finalize the total number of votes.

Trump appeared in the White House briefing room Thursday night, claiming the election was “stolen” from him.

Mr. Trump did not provide evidence, accused the elected workers, and sharply criticized pre-election polls. He said it was designed to curb voting because of Biden’s support.

“They are trying to set up an election, and we can’t make it happen,” Trump said.

Biden, who urged patience earlier in the day when the votes were counted, said on Twitter, “No one intends to rob us of our democracy. It’s not, it’s never been.” ..

Mr. Trump’s remarks followed a series of Twitter posts from him earlier in the day asking him to stop counting votes.

The Trump campaign also sought a surge in proceedings in some states, although Georgia and Michigan judges quickly rejected the challenge there.


Legal experts said the case was unlikely to affect election outcomes, and Biden campaign senior legal counsel Bob Bauer called the case part of a “wider misinformation campaign.”

Trump supporters stepped up the demonstration on Thursday night.

In Harrisburg, about 100 Trump supporters gathered on the steps of the Pennsylvania State Capitol as part of a “Stop Stealing” demonstration hosted by Virginia conservative Scott Presler.

In Milwaukee, about 50 supporters gathered in front of a city building where votes were counted, blowing off country music, waving flags, and hoisting signs with the words “recount” and “rig.” It was.

Approximately 12 protesters arrived an hour later, screaming “Black Lives Matter” and “say their name,” referring to the victims of police atrocities.

Others threw eggs from passing cars at Trump supporters.

At least 400 protesters also gathered outside the Clark County Elections Office in Las Vegas. A loud and patriotic national anthem rang out on the speakers as the score shook the giant Trump and the American flag.

Cars and bicycles sponsored by a group of activists called Shutdown DC also paraded the streets of Washington, DC on Thursday, protesting what Trump and his “enabler” called an “attack on the democratic process.”

Hold the count

Joe Biden is slightly ahead of Donald Trump in racing to the 270 electoral college.

Democrats have so far reversed the three states Trump won in 2016: Michigan, Wisconsin, and Arizona.

However, the president wants to count votes in Wisconsin and has filed proceedings in both Michigan and Pennsylvania to suspend the counting.

Recounting votes can be complicated because the guidelines are set at the state and, in some cases, local levels.


Wisconsin – You cannot request a recount until the election results are confirmed on December 1st. State rules also stipulate that candidates can only request recounting if the races are separated by a margin of 1% or less.

Michigan – If candidates are separated by a total margin of 2,000 votes or less, the state will perform an automatic recount. To recount on request, the campaign must file a fraud or count error claim within 48 hours.

Pennsylvania – The state will only provide automatic recounting if the races are separated by a margin of 0.5% or less, or if the electoral authorities find irregularities in the results.

Georgia -If the margin is less than 0.5%, candidates can request a recount. The request must be made within 2 days of the result being certified.


Supporters of both Trump and Biden gathered outside the convention centerCredit: EPA


Demonstrators gather outside the Pennsylvania Convention Center Credit: AP: Associated Press
2020 Elections: Armed Men Arrested for “Plans to Attack Pennsylvania Convention Center Where Major Votes Can Determine Elections”

The vet for Trump’s boss is one of two men arrested in the “Philly Voting Count Attack Plot After Armed and Driving with QAnon Hummer”

Source link The vet for Trump’s boss is one of two men arrested in the “Philly Voting Count Attack Plot After Armed and Driving with QAnon Hummer”

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