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The US dollar rises as the euro falls

New York, October 25 (Xinhua)-The US dollar rose in transactions later Monday as the euro fell prior to a major meeting of the European Central Bank (ECB).

The dollar index, which measures greenbacks for the six major peers, increased 0.18 percent at 93.8157.

In the second half of New York trading, the euro fell from $ 1.1636 in the previous session to $ 1.1612 and the pound sterling rose from $ 1.3755 in the previous session to $ 1.3769. The Australian dollar rose from $ 0.7465 to $ 0.7493.

The US dollar bought 113.70 yen, which is higher than 113.43 yen in the previous session. The US dollar rose from CHF 0.9162 to CHF 0.9195 and from CAD 1.2366 to CAD 1.2385.

The above market reaction occurred because the ECB is scheduled to meet on Thursday.

“There is no evidence that the market mainly shares the economist’s view that the ECB pursues more expansive monetary policy than the Fed. The fact that the market estimates that the ECB will raise interest rates is that inflation The ECB’s goals reflect the market’s belief that the ECB will take very decisive action on the risk of inflation. ”

The US dollar rises as the euro falls

SourceThe US dollar rises as the euro falls

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