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The Ultimate Guide to Fixing Your Photo Background

 Did you know that one of the most recognizable photos in existence, the powerful portrait of Abraham Lincoln, is a manipulation? An image of Abraham Lincoln’s head was placed over John Calhoun’s body to create the photo seen in history books worldwide.

So photo touchups are nothing new. These days we assume photos have been edited before they are published or printed. It stands to reason that you should be able to edit your photos to fix any flaws or remove unwanted objects.

Keep reading to find out more about how you can fix your photo background with a few tips and tricks to ensure you love your photos.

Do Some Serious Editing

This option may not be applicable to everyone since you’ll either need some photo editing skills or time to read some tutorials. By editing your image in Photoshop or a similar photo editing software, you can enhance the brightness and color of your photo to try and improve the quality of the image. This solution is usually only an option if the quality of the image only needs a slight boost.

Blur It Out

If your subject is in focus and the background just isn’t cutting it, you might be able to simply blur the background to make your subject pop. You will need a photo editor or app for this so that you can set the intensity of the blur or noise.

You can then start blurring out the background until the background of the image looks purposefully blurred instead of by accident.

Remove the Background

If you’ve tried everything to fix the quality of the background in your photos, you might need to remove them completely.

There are various free tools out there to help you remove the background of a photo if you’re not comfortable with tools like Photoshop. Adobe Express is a great photo background remover that still allows you to customize and refine your cutout. Unlike other free background removal apps, you have full control of your image.

Once the background is removed, you can use a photo editor or Adobe Express itself to add a new background or a solid color background. If you’re able to go back to the location you shot your initial photo; you can also try to take another photo of the area and then place your cutout on top of the area photo. You might need to play around with the photo editing to make the image appear natural, but practice makes perfect!

Fix That Photo Background

Your photo background can make or break an image. So knowing how to fix a bad background can save countless memories that may have been lost due to strangers photobombing your photo. So get started learning how to fix your photos today!

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