The UK warned that it was going in the wrong direction in the case of Covid with “pockets” in unvaccinated people

The head of the UK’s Health Security Agency warned that the country is heading in the wrong direction for cases of coronavirus that leave pockets of unvaccinated people at risk in some areas.

Doctor Jenny HarriesThe chief executive officer of the new organization, which was established in response to the coronavirus crisis, said it was too early to make a decision to end the blockade on June 21, and next week will be important.

She said a community health team for the elderly who had not yet been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 was essential, and the efforts of Bolton’s team, which reduced the proportion of patients admitted to the hospital last week. I praised it.

Latets internal NHS data shared with Independent The UK hospital on Thursday showed that there were 879 to 905 Covid patients on Wednesday.

Despite 124 discharges in the last 24 hours, there was an increase, with 82 new Covid hospitalizations and 84 already hospitalized patients positive for the virus.

In Bolton, the number of Covid patients has increased to 40 after falling below that level over the past week. Hospitals throughout Manchester have 163 to 180 Covid patients on Wednesday.

The northwestern region remains the worst affected with 271 Covid patients, the lowest level since April.

At the Royal Society of Medicine webinar, Dr. Harry’s said:

She said the government roadmap was created with a five-week gap to allow changes to take effect and see if it would lead to increased hospitalization and mortality.

“This is really the deciding point for knife edges, as the number of cases is increasing. I think it becomes clearer and suggests that modeling will increase further in the coming weeks, not necessarily immediately. ..

“One of the important things here is to understand the effectiveness of the vaccine. It is very careful because the numbers are very small through the robustness of the interpretation of the data.

“I need another week.”

She says that people over the age of 60 who have been vaccinated “generally do not get sick”, but those who have not been vaccinated are hospitalized and may go forward for a vaccine. He added that it is essential.

Despite the high up-to-date information on vaccines in older groups, Dr. Harry’s said some unvaccinated older people are at risk in some parts of the country. She acknowledged calls for children to be vaccinated in some areas, but said that vaccination meant more targeted elderly people.

She states: “To save lives, it is very important that older people who are at high risk and have not been vaccinated first and second are maximally vaccinated.”

“I have pockets,” she added about people all over the country: “There are some cases of delta variants, and in places like Bolton, for example, they did a great job trying to actually control some of these outbreaks. In many areas, for example, Sefton, they happened. , I was able to cool it completely.

“Bolton’s approach allows us to work with local governments who know where community pockets work, for example, message and inform local religious leaders and the ways people find them. People who are trusted to provide and are easy to understand.

“It’s about fitting vaccination I program in the context of people’s lives and I think that’s why they are so successful in Bolton. “

The UK warned that it was going in the wrong direction in the case of Covid with “pockets” in unvaccinated people

Source link The UK warned that it was going in the wrong direction in the case of Covid with “pockets” in unvaccinated people

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