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The UK offers to maintain its Continuous Glass Fiber products from China

  • The UK TRA offers anti-dumping պահել compensation from China for Continuous Glass Fiber for up to five years.
  • It did, however, propose abolishing tariffs on special horse-made fiberglass carpets.
  • Fiberglass is used to make wind turbine blades, as well as in construction and automotive applications, including the manufacture of electric vehicles.

In itself Preliminary findingsUK: Trade Protection Authority (TRA) Today (April 20, 2022) offered to maintain existing measures for the continuous import of fiberglass from China.

The TRA ‘s provisional findings contained in the Key Facts Statement will mean that this UK – based Wigan – based industry continues to be protected from the damaging effects of dumped imports of subsidized goods from China for up to five years. The 30-day deadline for comments is now open.

Investigation results:

Following the transitional review, the TRA recommended that anti-hacking products be maintained for Chinese Continuous Glass Fiber products. Continuous fiberglass is used to create wind turbine blades, which are integral to the UK Government’s strategy to increase the country’s energy security. They are also used in industries such as transport (automobile, marine, aerospace), construction, construction, electrical / electronics, as well as the wider production of various consumer goods.

The TRA found that imports from China accounted for 8.44% of the UK’s total imports by 2020, making China the fifth largest source of continuous fiberglass products.

The TRA has proposed that measures for continuous fiberglass products be maintained at their current levels until 31 January 2026, ie five years after the expiration date (31 January 2021) unless a transitional review is initiated.

However, the TRA decided that fiberglass carpets should be excluded from the event. The rugs are not made in the UK, և TRA has not received any applications for rugs during the event.

While China-made fiberglass mats are purchased by several UK importers, TRA has found no evidence of UK production, and there is no indication that Chinese-made mats will compete with other domestically produced fiberglass mats.

Oliver Griffiths, CEO of TRA, said: “Fiberglass is a vital component of the UK ‘s advanced manufacturing of wind turbine blades and electric vehicles. “The initial revelations we are announcing today will protect the UK glass fiber manufacturers from unfair international competition.”

After today’s publication, there will be a 30-day period during which stakeholders can comment on the report. Comments can be submitted by stakeholders through ICT Trading service website.

The TRA will then consider submitting a Final Recommendation, which will be sent to the Secretary of State for International Trade, who will make a final decision on compliance with the TRA Recommendation.

Notes to the editors.

  • The Trade Protection Authority (TRA) is an independent UK body established in June 2021 as the Department of International Trade’s first non-governmental public body to investigate the need for trade remedies to counteract unforeseen growth practices. import.
  • Read more about the TRA mission in it business plan.
  • Anti-dumping duties allow a country or union to take action against goods below their normal value, which is defined as the price of “such goods” sold in the exporter’s domestic market.
  • The trade protection investigation was carried out by the EU Commission on behalf of the United Kingdom before the United Kingdom withdrew from the EU. Forty-four EU trade safeguards of interest to UK manufacturers were included in UK legislation when the UK left the EU, and the TRA is currently reviewing each to assess whether it meets the UK’s needs.
  • Countervailing measures relate to imports that have received state subsidies that are reimbursable in their country of origin. Commercial funds can only be countered by certain types of subsidies known as countervailable subsidies. You can learn more on our website Online Guide to Subsidy Investigation.

The UK offers to maintain its Continuous Glass Fiber products from China

SourceThe UK offers to maintain its Continuous Glass Fiber products from China

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