The UK lacks plans to reach net zero emissions by 2050, MP says

A prominent British Parliamentary Commission has “coordinated plans” to reach its goal of zero net greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 in public accusations prior to the UK-sponsored International Climate Summit in November. No, “he criticized the government.

The government has not yet outlined its intentions to reach the Net Zero target set for 2019, there is no integrated system to monitor progress, and new investments will be made with climate targets in mind. It wasn’t enough to guarantee that. The House of Commons Public Accounting Committee said.

“The government has set a big test to commit Britain to a net-zero economy by 2050, but there are few signs of understanding how to get there, and almost two years later there are no plans yet. “Chair Meghiller said. PAC.

The International Climate Summit, known as COP26, said, “A few months away. The eyes of the world, its scientists and policy makers are looking to Britain — big promises full of great words won’t come up,” she said. Told.

The report follows the Prime Minister’s budget, which the Green Group has criticized for lacking ambitions for climate spite of A handful of climate pledgesThe budget, which included changing the Bank of England’s mission to incorporate green goals, lacked a broad planning and investment program that campaigners said was needed to accelerate decarbonization.

According to a PAC report, the Department for Business, Energy and Industry Strategy (Beis) has overall responsibility for achieving net zero emissions, but as an urgent issue, it will announce a decarbonization strategy by September. need to do it. He said this should include plans for major sectors such as housing and transportation.

“There are currently no coordinated plans,” said the PAC report.

A “clear timeline” of milestones and expectations needs to be set, and Beis says it also needs to develop metrics that the sector will use to report progress on a regular basis. Currently, there was no “single place to put together information” to monitor progress.

The Commission urges the Treasury to explain within two months how the government sector planned to properly consider and report on the climate and environmental impacts of policy decisions. Did.

The PAC added that all fiscal stimulus and infrastructure proposals should be “stress tested” against NetZero.

Much of the UK’s emission reductions to date have come from switching from fossil fuels to clean energy sources. Achieving Net Zero will require significant changes in the housing and transportation sector. In this case, reducing emissions is expected to be much more difficult and complex.

The PAC said the government was not fully involved with the public in the “substantial” changes that individuals needed to make, such as replacing fossil-fueled household boilers and switching to electric vehicles.

He added that the “significant challenge” is to help people employed in sectors that are not part of the net-zero economy.

In another report on Friday, the Base Commission said the government did not adequately outline how to measure the success of COP26 and needed to identify certain ambitions and measures of success.

Richard Black, Senior Associate of the Energy Climate Intelligence Unit, a think tank, said: “These reports are offensive to the Prime Minister proclaiming climate leadership. One says he has no plans at home and the other he has no international vision.”

A government spokesperson said: “The government has no plans when it leads the world in tackling climate change, reducing emissions by about 44% since 1990, and more recently than any other developed country. It’s nonsense to say. Year. ”

The ministry said it plans to announce its Net Zero strategy by COP26 in November.

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The UK lacks plans to reach net zero emissions by 2050, MP says

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