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The UK has signed security agreements with Sweden and Finland

The move comes as the two Scandinavian countries consider joining NATO amid warnings from Russia.

Great Britain has agreed “Mutual security guaranteesThe Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson հետ Sweden և Finland has been revealed On Wednesday, Stockholm and Helsinki will announce their decision to join NATO.

“Johnson is visiting two countries today to sign.”historicalThe announcements are made in the message of the Prime Minister’s Office.

According to Downing Street, the new treaties include “Intensification of exchange of intelligence, acceleration of joint military training, deployment of military exercises, as well as strengthening of security in all three countries, in Northern Europe.«

Great Britain also intends “In order to support both countries, the armed forces must either face a crisis or be attackedThis reassurance comes after both Finland and Sweden had previously expressed concern about possible retaliation by Russia if they applied to join NATO.

Speaking at a news conference in Sweden, Johnson claimed that the Russian military attack on Ukraine, which he described as “Putin’s bloodthirsty campaign against a sovereign nationPut an end to the hope that peace in Europe will last.

“The war in Ukraine is forcing us all to make difficult decisions. “But sovereign states must be free to make those decisions without fear, influence or threat of retaliation.” said the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, adding that he “very satisfied“To sign the declaration.

The news of the security agreements comes amid rumors that several other countries will soon join the UK in providing security assistance to Sweden and Finland. According to the Norwegian newspaper Verdens Gang, the Nordic countries NATO, Norway, Denmark and Iceland are working with their neighbors on a political declaration that could provide Stockholm and Helsinki with additional guarantees in the coming months.

On May 6, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki assured Sweden and Finland that the United States would be able to find ways.resolve any concerns that any country may have regarding the period between the application for membership in NATO and the formal accession to the Alliance. “

Sweden and Finland, which have a long border with Russia, have seen a sharp shift in public opinion amid Moscow’s ongoing military offensive in Ukraine, with the majority now in favor of joining the US-led bloc, according to opinion polls. This prompted the authorities of the two countries to reconsider their long-standing policy of non-union.

Sweden’s ruling party will announce its position on NATO membership on May 15, three days after Finland is expected to take such a step. While the Swedish Social Democrats, according to their Secretary General Tobias Baudin, have not yet made a final decision, the Finnish government has reportedly stated its position.that Finland is applying for membershipThe parliament is also expected to approve it.

In early April, the head of the Military Alliance Jens Stoltenberg announced that NATO “will receive warmly“Finland’s Sweden, if they apply to join, are ready to decide on membership.”pretty fast.«

“Russia considers the further enlargement of NATO a direct threat to its own national security.”for the whole security architectureKremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov warned in April that Moscowtake additional measures“Carry out its defense on the western edge.”more complicated“If Finland and Sweden join the alliance.

The UK has signed security agreements with Sweden and Finland

SourceThe UK has signed security agreements with Sweden and Finland

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