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The UK Government publishes the Union Connectivity Review: Proposed transportation investment for the stronger and more connected UK

  • The prime minister England, When the Government Announces Sir Peter Hendy’s Independent Union Connectivity Review
  • The Prime Minister recommends working with a delegated government England Government promotes proposals to raise the bar for opportunities and prosperity across the country
  • England Government to proceed with the creation of EnglandNET, England-Wide strategic transportation network, planning and providing significant improvements to better connect all countries England

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is working today (November 26, 2021) to build and strengthen transport bonds that will create a more cohesive and connected UK.

As England Government publishes Sir Peter Hendy Final Report of Union Connectivity ReviewThe Prime Minister emphasized the importance of better connectivity in both local and national transportation networks to bring everything. England A community within a closer range of social and economic opportunities.

The Prime Minister will particularly welcome and accept the proposal to create UKNET, a strategic transportation network that spans the entire UK.

UKNET is the first to assess and plan key points across the length and breadth of the UK that are essential for stronger and more direct transportation connections.

This helps drive economic growth, support job creation and level up opportunities by expanding transportation systems and creating faster and easier travel for both passengers, freight and businesses. increase.

NS England The government has invited a delegated government to work together to define and develop the improvements needed for union connectivity, supported by specific projects. England Government response.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

If you really want to take your country to the next level, it’s important to improve connectivity to every corner of the country. England, Allows more people to access more places quickly and easily.

Sir Peter Hendy’s review is an exciting vision for the future of transportation and will be considered carefully.Decide to get to work right away and develop a strategy England-A broad transport network that can provide better service across the country with stronger sea, rail and road links-not only bring us closer, but also boost work, prosperity and opportunities.

Transport Minister Grant Shapps said:

Transportation is the key to more closely connecting families in the UK country so that prosperity can be shared more evenly.Certain areas are not enough England Prosper while others are late. We must maximize the potential of our country. That means mobilizing the resources and skills of all regions of the country.

Thank you for the work of Lord Peter. We carefully consider his proposals, work closely with the delegated government, and work together to ensure that these proposals strengthen the relationships that connect us now and in the future. increase.

Independent Union Connectivity Review Launched in October 2020, led by Sir Peter Hendy CBE, How to do a detailed review of the quality and availability of the entire transportation infrastructure England We can support economic growth and quality of life.

Specific recommendations for improving connectivity across the UK include improving connectivity with:

  • Scotland: Proposals include shortening rail travel times and increasing capacity on the West Coast Main Line, and conducting assessments of East Coast roads and rail corridors.

  • Northern Ireland: Upgrade major A75 links to improve cargo and passenger connectivity

  • Wales: A55, M53, M56, South Wales Corridor Improvement, North Wales Coast Main Line Improvement, Cardiff to Midland Rail Link

The recommendations announced today include England The government needs to do the following:

  • UKNET Design and Implementation – Overall Strategic Transportation Network England, And promises to provide additional funding to improve the network, especially the parts that are not working well.
  • Plan network improvements with multimodal corridors. It needs to be reviewed regularly and evaluated on a broader economic basis to support government goals such as leveling up and net zero.
  • Supporting the development of sustainable aviation fuel plants in parts of the UK that are particularly dependent on aviation for domestic connectivity

Sir Peter Hendy, Independent Chair of the Union Connectivity Review, said:

My recommendations provide a comprehensive, achievable and clear plan that better connects the UK as a whole and leads to more growth, employment, housing and social cohesion.

We welcome the enthusiasm that the Prime Minister and the Government have shown in my final report and look forward to their formal response to my recommendations aimed at spreading opportunities and prosperity throughout the UK.

NS England The Government has carefully reviewed the recommendations of the Union Connectivity Review in detail and worked with the Scottish Government, the Government of Wales and the Northern Ireland Executive. England, And make concrete and meaningful progress as quickly as possible.

The UK Government publishes the Union Connectivity Review: Proposed transportation investment for the stronger and more connected UK

SourceThe UK Government publishes the Union Connectivity Review: Proposed transportation investment for the stronger and more connected UK

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