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United Kingdom

The UK government has committed additional funds for enhancing security measures within Muslim communities.

The UK government has pledged £117 million ($150 million) on Monday towards safeguarding Muslim communities in response to an increase in Islamophobia and a commitment to combat extremism. This funding, announced shortly after additional funds were promised to bolster security for Jewish groups amid a surge in anti-Semitism, will be allocated to protect mosques, Muslim schools, and other community centers, according to government statements.

Tell Mama, an organization monitoring anti-Muslim incidents, reported a 335% increase in cases since the October 7 attack by Hamas on Israel. Home Secretary James Cleverly emphasized that “Anti-Muslim hatred has no place in our society,” condemning any attempts to justify abuse against British Muslims by events in the Middle East. However, this announcement coincides with ongoing accusations of Islamophobia within Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s Conservative Party. Last month, one lawmaker was suspended for suggesting that the Muslim mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, was controlled by Islamists.

Although Sunak deemed such comments unacceptable, criticism arose over the failure of him and other ministers to label them as racist or Islamophobic. Cleverly reiterated the government’s support for Muslims, asserting, “The prime minister has made it clear that we stand with Muslims in the UK,” highlighting the rationale behind the funding commitment.

In a previous warning, Sunak expressed concerns that Britain’s multi-ethnic democracy was under threat from Islamist and far-right extremists. The government is preparing to introduce a new official definition of extremism to ensure that groups promoting unacceptable views do not receive state funding or support. Communities minister Michael Gove, responsible for outlining this new definition, commented on recent pro-Palestinian marches in central London organized by “extremist organizations,” urging people to question their support for such groups.

However, over 50 survivors or relatives of victims of Islamist attacks in Britain penned a letter accusing certain politicians of “associating being Muslim with being an extremist,” which they deemed irresponsible and advantageous to militants.

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