The true crime series Murder by the Sea is back in a new episode

Popular original crime non-fiction series Murder by the sea Coming back with a new episode from Tuesday 5th January.

Every summer, thousands of vacationers gather on the English beach to enjoy warm weather, pebble beaches and amusement facilities. However, there is a dark side to the British beaches. It is an ominous lower abdomen where sin is washed away by the tide. The quaint and ideal beach is also attacked by murderers who do not respect human life, like the ocean itself.

The series is sponsored by Dr. Nell Derby, a criminal historian and writer who has devoted his life to understanding the motives of the murderer. During her career, she developed a keen eye for finding behavioral tendencies of murderers. These tendencies are more pronounced in seaside towns on the British coastline and always appear to attract a large number of murderers.

In these fascinating new episodes, viewers will join Dr. Nelderby on a journey to the edge of the cliffs where land and sea, and life and death meet. At first glance, the seaside towns are all fun trade fairs, cotton candy and refreshing promenades. Similarly, when the carousel stops spinning and the lights along the coast go out, the darkness reveals an underworld of murder and mayhem.

Nell is a complex variety, including the murderer Trevor Howell, the murderer’s homeless drifter, Robert and Sunny Morne, the murderer’s father and son duo, and the sour love triangle between Bournemouth’s husband, wife, and gardener. Delve into the murder case.

In this series, we explore the love triangle that exists between a beautiful socialite, her young gardener, and a estranged husband who ends up in a bloody and brutal way. This is a scandalous story of a forbidden desire that unfolds on the croquet lawn and cocktail lounge on the south coast of England, killing two and leaving one behind the bar.

Meanwhile, in Portalbot, taxi driver Linda Thomas made a fatal misjudgment one night in 1973. She was flagged by a murderous homeless drifter called Trevor Howell, a cunning Weil and a man of evil ways. Passenger Linda has picked up so far.

In a chilling demonstration of the old saying “like a father, like a son” in Dundee, the town’s most notorious family duo, Robert and Sony Morne, saw the killing as a father-son competition and they Innocent people who ended the lives of seven savagely among them.

Murder by the sea back to the screen It lasts until 10 pm on Tuesday, January 5th and 2 pm every Tuesday.nd February.

CBS Reality can be found in Freeview (66), Sky (146), Virgin (148) and Freesat (135).

The true crime series Murder by the Sea is back in a new episode

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