The Treasury “prevents” the NHS from maximizing taxpayers’ money

NHS Leaders struck at His Majesty Treasury Due to the failure of the long-term labor force plan, the warning services are forced to spend billions of taxpayer funds on temporary staff.

Chris Hopson, chief executive of NHS Providers, which represents all of the NHS trust, said the quality of care is now compromised and that the Treasury’s silence on funding the workforce means the NHS can not maximize taxpayers’ money.

He told the General Health Committee: “I just want to go directly to the treasury. The Treasury forever says we need to increase taxpayer money; The truth is that we are spending billions of pounds that we do not need to spend on agency and on-site staff instead of the full-time staff that we desperately need.

“We have reached an absurd and unusual position where the NHS says we need this long-term workforce plan to maximize the value of the taxpayer for the money, but the treasury is preventing us from doing so, which makes no sense.”

His words come as the House of Lords this week considers a change to a health and care bill that was previously rejected by the government.

The amendment, proposed by former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, requires the NHS to publish labor force requirements every few years.

Speaking on the General Health Committee, Professor Helen Lampard Stokes, chair of the Royal Academy of Medical Colleges, called on the Lords to support the amendment.

He said the government was not prepared to be honest about what is needed in terms of the number of workforce, and that NHS staff would be “scattered” over why there was no long-term plan.

Although the government promised to establish future “frameworks” for the needs of NHS staff, it failed to provide any final figures or long-term investments.

Mr Hopson told the committee that the NHS had reached a level where labor shortages were now affecting the quality of care and that the waste of care accumulated during the pandemic could not be recovered as it is because Staff shortage.

“We just can’t run the NHS effectively or efficiently without a long-term plan,” he said.

On Tuesday, Amanda Pritchard, the head of the NHS in England, announced a new initiative to recruit thousands of “reservists” to help the NHS overcome its shortcomings.

The NHS seeks to increase the hiring of people who are interested in a career at work, or former employees who may want to return to work in agency-like roles.

Speaking at the annual Nuffield Trust Summit, Ms. Pritchard said: “Reservists will help us when we need them, but they will also help those who want a rewarding career in health care – the roles are flexible and can fit into your lifestyle.

“The challenges of the NHS are far from over, and because we are now making every effort to restore services, we need the support of the community once again.”

The Treasury “prevents” the NHS from maximizing taxpayers’ money

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