The tech company looks up at continued global expansion

Apadmi, an independent consulting firm for digital products, aims for continued global expansion.

The Manchester-based company has recently opened offices in Edinburgh and the Netherlands and is expected to open more European offices by the end of the year.

Adammi’s head of personnel, Laura Herbert, will talk about the company’s expansion plans at an exclusive event on July 5th titled “Raising the bar for the modern workplace”.

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Herbert previously worked as Chief of Staff at Travel Counselors and joined Apadmi in December 2021.

He said: “Apadmi’s ambition is for further global growth and expands to five countries over five years. My job is to help make it happen. It is very exciting.

“We also just got another floor in our office in The Quays, Salford which will be ready at the end of August.

“It’s all part of Apadmi’s mission to attract, train and retain.”

Apadmi works with the likes of Co-op, Domino’s and the NHS.

Herbert added: “We went from starting to ramping up to bringing outside help with my appointment to help them achieve their ultimate goal. I came at a perfect time.

“I have tried to professionalize our team as we grow. We have tried to sell Apadmi’s growth opportunities to potential recruits.

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“We know our place. We are trying to create an employee value proposition (EVP) that allows us to involve the best and the brightest who are ready for the brilliant challenge that awaits us.

“We have opened an office in the Netherlands and in Edinburgh. We have a strategic partnership in Lisbon, Portugal.

“Apadmi is known in some circles but we have this perfect moment in time. We will give people career-defining opportunities with some of the biggest names in the business world. “

Herbert will be joined by Ian Makin, co-founder of Naimuri; Lucy Sunner, head of culture at Autocab; Wayne Bennett, director of Fairmont Recruitment Will Lewis, director of OBI; and George Tilbury, commercial manager of ADT Workplace.

The tech company looks up at continued global expansion

Source link The tech company looks up at continued global expansion

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