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The Secretary of State has made five reappointments to the Arts Council of England

Professor Ronnie Brown

Ronnie is the Vice-Rector (Education) at the University of London (UAL), formerly the Head of UAL London Fashion College. Ronnie holds the title of Professor of Visual and Educational Cultures.

Roni’s role at UAL has been to promote creative education և coordination across all six UAL colleges, realizing the University’s vision: “The World Needs Creativity”. Ronnie’s portfolio includes teaching, teaching, further education, access և communication, international development, libraries և student support services և University’s central planning department.

Ronnie has worked in higher education for over 25 years, holding senior positions at the University of the Creative Arts, the University of Chichester, and the University of the Arts London. He holds a PhD in Architecture, Design History, and has published in Higher Education, Design History, Pedagogy, and Creative Arts.

Ronnie has been the Trustee of the Open College of the Arts, Deputy Chair of the Arts, South East Bridge Arts Council, England. Ronnie is a Fellow of the Academy of Higher Education and a member of the Royal Society of Arts.

Sukhi Johal MBE:

Sukhy has more than 30 years of management: management experience, leading transformation programs in public, third, and higher education.

He is currently the Director of the Center for Culture and Creativity at Lincoln University, acting as a dynamic agent for change in the region.

Sukhi began his career as a volunteer at Apna Arts at the age of 16, and as its President, he led the transformation of the organization, becoming the New Art Exchange, the UK’s culturally diverse contemporary art gallery. After 12 years as Executive Director of the Cultural East Midlands Regional Consortium, Sukhi has led the sector, developing innovative regional policies, establishing transformation programs, integrating culture into wider economic development.

He continues to passionately defend the social և catalytic force of culture.

Andrew Miller MBE:

Transforming ideas over his 35-year creative career, Andrew is recognized as one of the UK’s most influential disability advocates with extensive experience in the arts, film and broadcasting industries.

Since its inception, Andrew has been one of the first generation of disabled British television presenters to continue to produce and produce television art documentaries. Becoming the first wheelchair user to run the UK’s largest art site, he is now a prolific cultural commentator, advising on major cultural infrastructure such as the Schwarzmann Center for the Humanities at Oxford University and the Coventry Cultural Center.

Andrew is the director of Royal Shakespeare, his trustee of BAFTA

Previous non-executive roles include the Welsh Arts Council, the Welsh National Opera: Universe. He is the President of the BFI Disability Screen Advisory Group և co-founded the UK Disability Arts Alliance #WeShallNotBeRemoved in 2020, where he developed the Seven Inclusive Principles that helped shape the cultural epidemic. In 2018-21, Andrew was the UK Government’s first disabled champion of the arts and culture for people with disabilities, creating that role as a powerful campaign platform for greater inclusion. He chairs the Arts Council England Disability Advisory Group.

Elizabeth Murdoch

Elizabeth Murdoch is a creative entrepreneur and philanthropist. In October 2019, Elizabeth teamed up with Stacey Snyder Ջ Jane Feiterstone to establish SISTER, a global content company that develops, manufactures, and invests in visual storytelling. Elizabeth is also the Founder and President of Locksmith Animation, Youngest Media, a strategic minority shareholder in 110% Content & belofx.

In 2001, Elizabeth founded Shine, which she led and grew, first as CEO and then as President, becoming one of the world’s leading manufacturing companies during her 14-year tenure.

Elizabeth founded the Freelands Foundation in 2015 with the goal of giving everyone in the UK the opportunity to get an art education, enhance their aspirations and empower them to change their life opportunities, regardless of their background or location.

Elizabeth is the CEO of Tribeca Enterprise. He was Tate’s trustee from 2008 to 2016 նախագահ Chairman of the Tate Modern Advisory Board from 2009 to 2016.

Kate Willard OBE

Kate Willard OBE is chair of the Thames estuary growth council, and the government has appointed a Thames estuary envoy. He is the Chairman of Teesside International Airport and the Commissioner of the National Infrastructure Commission.

Members of the Arts Council of England are not paid. The regional chair of the Arts Council of England is paid 64 6,400 a year. All five terms were initially extended for 9 months, then re-appointed for the above terms.

These reassignments were made in accordance with the Government Office Government Appointments Management Code. The appointment process is regulated by the Public Appointments Commissioner. According to the Code, any significant political activity undertaken by an appointed person in the last five years must be announced. This is defined as holding a position, public speaking, making a recorded donation, or running for office. Professors Ronnie Brown, Sukhi Johal, Andrew Miller, Elizabeth Murdoch and Kate Willard have not announced such activities.

The Secretary of State has made five reappointments to the Arts Council of England

SourceThe Secretary of State has made five reappointments to the Arts Council of England

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