The Secretary of Education encourages other schools to participate in the National Tutoring Program

Parents in England will have access to data that will reveal how their school uses the National Tutoring Program, the Secretary of Education announced today (May 2, 2022).

The program is central to the Secretary of Education’s promise to parents, ensuring that any child who lags behind in English / Maths will receive appropriate support to help them get back on track, and that parents will be aware of their progress. This will support the government’s mission to raise the level of education so that 90% of primary school children can meet the expected standards for reading, writing and math by 2030.

The National Tutoring Program is part of the Government’s ambitious Covid Rehabilitation Program, which offers government-funded, high-quality instruction, world-class training for early trainee teachers, additional funding for schools, and 40 hours per year of college. With an additional investment of 5 billion pounds.

In a letter to all schools today, the Secretary of Education reaffirmed his intention to publish each school’s engagement data this fall to help parents understand how their school is accepting government-sponsored support to help students achieve this. lost his education. The data will also be shared with Ofsted, and the department will work with Ofsted in the coming months to make the most of that data.

Since the launch of the tutoring program in November 2020, approximately 1.2 million high-quality tutoring courses have been launched by students, including 900,000 this school year. The department estimates that 40% of schools have not yet offered tutoring on the National Tutoring Program this school year.

In the letter, Secretary of State Nadim Zahavi will write:

I am appealing now, especially to schools that have not yet started offering tutoring, to make sure you do so as soon as possible. Do not miss the opportunity to help students who can benefit now.

From this week on, my department will continue to contact those schools to offer tutoring support, discuss their programs, and offer further support to ensure that they can offer tutoring to their students this semester.

As part of my desire to ensure greater transparency of the impact of the program, I plan to publish data on each school’s tutoring at the end of the year, along with funding allocations թիվը number of students eligible for surcharges. I will also share this information with Ofsted.

The Secretary of Education’s letter encourages the few remaining schools that have not yet used the National Tutoring Program as the school year draws to a close. Schools that have not yet offered tuition through the program will be contacted individually starting this week to discuss their programs and offer support.

The department plans to release data on school tuition in the 21/22 school year in the fall, in addition to data already being released by the government on national admissions and school-level funding allocations. More details will be available in due course.

Evidence shows that teaching small groups can boost progress in secondary schools for an average of two months and in elementary schools for four months.

Ongoing funding for the National Tutoring Program is sufficient to provide tuition for each student eligible for the Student Premium, helping to fulfill a parent’s promise to help all children in need of support.

Elementary school students have already recovered about two-thirds of the progress lost due to the reading epidemic, about half of their math progress, indicating the effectiveness of the Government’s broader, more ambitious program to restore education.

In March, the board announced updates to simplify the program, including the move of Y 349 million of AY22 / 23 funding directly to schools. The decision was made following a response from school stakeholders, giving schools the freedom to decide how best to ensure their children’s education.

The rehabilitation program, which is based on teaching, supports the government’s mission to raise the level of education so that by 2030, 90% of primary school children will have access to education. In English and math, 4.5 to 5 go up on the same schedule.

The Secretary of Education encourages other schools to participate in the National Tutoring Program

SourceThe Secretary of Education encourages other schools to participate in the National Tutoring Program

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