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The second minister of the government proposes to reduce taxes “when we can afford it” | Political news

Brandon Lewis became the last cabinet minister to call for planned income tax cuts “when we are allowed to do so.”

The secretary-general of Northern Ireland made the comments a day after similar remarks by Health Minister Sajid Javid.

Earlier this year, Chancellor Rishi Sunak said he would cut the key income tax rate from 20 20 to փ 19 by the end of the 2024 parliamentary term, but some Tories would like the cut to be accepted sooner if possible.

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Mr Lewis told Sky News’s Sophie Ridge on Sunday that he thought “a lower tax is good” but said he would not “anticipate the difficult fiscal decisions the chancellor has to make”.

He said Mr Sunak and Mr Boris Johnson had both made it clear that “as soon as the fiscal situation allows … we want to see tax cuts and the chancellor wants to cut taxes so that more people have more money.” in the pocket. to spend as they know they can best spend. ”

Speaking later on the BBC, stressing whether he would like the cut to be made sooner than currently planned, he said:

It comes a day after an interview with The Times, where Mr. Javid said: “I know him [Sunak] would like to reduce taxes as soon as possible.

“And if it can be moved forward, of course, it must be moved forward.”

He told the newspaper that the “best way” to finance public services was to “have a dynamic, low-tax economy that generates growth.”

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The Prime Minister says that the taxes should be reduced.

Hockey tax cuts

“I’m a low-income Tory, that’s one of the reasons I’m a conservative, I want to see a small state focused on delivering really important things. And I want to see the lowest possible taxes, “Mr. Javid said.

Labor’s shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves told the BBC that her party would “right now” abandon the government’s recent increase in national insurance if it were in government rather than focusing on income tax cuts.

He said. “The government has received this kind of hoki-koki, where they are increasing the national insurance, but they say they are going to reduce the income tax.

“National insurance is only taxed on the income you get by going to work, which is why it is such a harmful tax increase right in the middle of the life insurance crisis.”

Deputies must “grow up”.

Speaking last week in what was seen as an attempt to restore his presidency after a no-confidence vote, said the Prime Minister he wanted to reduce the “deviation” of the current high taxes caused by the “COVID fiscal meteorite”.

“The overall tax burden is very high now,” Mr Johnson said.

“And sooner or later, I would prefer it to be sooner or later, that burden should go down.”

But a report in the Sunday Telegraph said there was disagreement at the top of the government over the approach, with Mr Sunak refusing to cut taxes until the prime minister had identified the costs he was willing to cut to finance the move.

The newspaper reports that a source close to Mr. Johnson, in response to calls for immediate tax cuts, said that the deputies should “grow up” and stop behaving like they are in “kindergarten”.

The second minister of the government proposes to reduce taxes “when we can afford it” | Political news

Source The second minister of the government proposes to reduce taxes “when we can afford it” | Political news

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