The relaunched Misty robotic platform targets the edtech sector

Furhat Robotics yesterday (May 31) relaunched the Misty robotic platform with the aim of aiming more directly at the edtech sector.

“We believe social robots need to reach a much broader sector of society and be part of the education system to prepare the next generation of talent,” said Samer Al Moubayed, CEO and co-founder of Furhat Robotics.

“Misty is specially designed to enhance learning and engagement and has both an attractive and rich design, as well as very advanced sensors and hardware.”

The 14-inch robot was already packed with features including a high-resolution camera to recognize faces or objects, and a structured light sensor that allowed it to map its environment and navigate autonomously.

Now, it also comes with more complex conversation skills, with a focus on natural language understanding. In another development, the inclusion of Python as the primary programming language should make it easier for non-programmers to use, be they educators or students.

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The relaunch of Misty also includes an improved software development kit, which better helps programmers develop their skills, as well as laying the groundwork for creating a library from which they can directly download skill sets onto the robot for use. in different settings.

Furhat expects the robot to be welcomed into academic and research circles as well, helping to pursue advances in areas such as Alzheimer’s, autism and aging on the spot, as well as business innovation.

“The possibilities are endless,” added Al Moubayed, “from helping students who are learning to code, to helping make the classroom more inclusive and accessible.

“Beyond that, applications for social robots are far-reaching, from social and health care to impartial recruitment.”

The relaunch follows the acquisition of Misty Robotics by Furhat Robotics, which was founded in Sweden in 2014 as a research spin-off at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, earlier this year.

The relaunched Misty robotic platform targets the edtech sector

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