The new Creative Media Suite opens at KES in partnership with Lenovo and Microsoft

King Edward’s School (KES), Bath is pleased to announce the creation of a new Creative Media Suite, developed in collaboration with Lenovo and Microsoft that includes 26 new Lenovo Legion T5 desktop systems, along with comprehensive peripherals.

The new facility is set to enhance an exciting range of learning opportunities at KES, as well as provide students with some of the key technologies and creative digital skills they will need in the future. The new Media Suite will also house the school’s thriving co-curricular esports program and the new facility is also expected to serve as a digital hub for wider use by young people in the local Bath community.

Commenting on the new facility, Martin Boden, Principal of KES, said, “As a school we are proud of our history of providing engaging, enriching and well-rounded education. This includes equipping our students with the skills and knowledge necessary for an ever-changing technology landscape.

“The importance of STEM subjects together with technology and digital skills is fundamental for the future academic and professional success of our students and has led to our decision to invest in these new facilities.

“In collaboration with Lenovo and Microsoft, we have designed a state-of-the-art Creative Media Suite. It is a modern and exciting learning space, intended to promote our students’ engagement with STEM and digital activities. We are immensely grateful that Lenovo and Microsoft share our vision of unlocking the potential through digital learning, which ultimately led to our collaboration on this extremely exciting project. “

David Gray, Gaming Product Manager, Lenovo said: “Lenovo has a long history of working in the education sector and Lenovo Legion is one of the UK’s most popular gaming brands. Our partnership with KES is the result of the union of these two areas.

“Gaming is no longer a niche hobby, it is a highly viable career option with opportunities in traditional technology business roles through to branding, management or competition in an esports team and many more. Having the right hardware. is the key to empowering students and we are very excited to see the systems being used to their full potential. “

Commenting on the opportunities offered by the new Creative Media Suite, David Middlebrough, Deputy Head: Curriculum & Digital Strategy at King Edward’s, said, “Partnering with Lenovo and Microsoft allows us to take full advantage of creative digital media job opportunities across a broad range of activities and subjects, without having to worry about the limitations of our hardware.

“This new facility will be used for curricular activities and as part of our co-curricular program. We have seen that students want to bring more digital media work into their studios and there are obvious benefits to being able to work with better quality photo and video editing facilities in subjects such as ICT, theater, art and photography. However, we’ve also seen that students want to use these skills in all subjects, whether it’s filming a video for a history assignment, putting together a news bulletin in English, or creating an animation of a geographic process. This wonderful new facility will allow pupils to fully realize these creative ambitions.

“Furthermore, it will not be only King Edward’s School alumni from our middle school through sixth module who will benefit from this new facility, as we plan to offer the space as a hub for wider use by young people in the local community. “

Laura James, Head of Computing and ICT at KES, is thrilled with the advanced learning facilities provided by the new computers. “Using these powerful computers will allow our students to more easily explore avenues such as video editing and game development. The latter is an extremely viable career path these days and having a set of powerful computers in the classroom. means that we can now give students a taste of the processes behind creating a realistic 3D game, using an engine like Unity.

“With the powerful graphics cards installed, we will also be able to use software such as Blender to allow students to explore the possibilities of 3D design and animation, as well as Adobe Creative Suite which allows us to teach topics such as video editing, special effects. and character animation.

Laura also commented: “In addition, we are always looking for ways to enhance the curriculum with cutting-edge topics such as cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. Having the latest technology will help us explore these areas. I strongly believe that having this superb new facility will encourage more students to take an interest in a career in digital technology, both as a digital creative, for example, and as a computer scientist. “

Tom Dore, whose dual roles as Director of Education at the British Esports Association and as a science teacher at King Edward’s School led to the collaboration between King Edward’s, Lenovo and Microsoft, wishes to highlight the benefits of esports and their role in helping to develop digital and other “soft skills” in schools.

“Esports take place within an organized and competitive video game environment between humans and humans. It involves teams of people competing against each other, so it’s very different from the stereotypical view of video games playing alone, in your bedroom, playing against a computer.

“Instead, as a team activity, young people develop a range of character skills in the same way they participate in traditional activities such as sports, theater or music. Skills such as teamwork, leadership, communication, strategic thinking and problem solving are critical to esports as individual team members take on the roles of players or analysts, or team coaches or hosts. “

For the past two years King Edward’s has participated in the teams of the British Esports Student Championships, which sees over 350 teams from schools and colleges across the UK playing online matches against each other on a Wednesday afternoon after school. Instead of playing from home, KES teams will now gather at the new facility to train and play matches.

The new Creative Media Suite opens at KES in partnership with Lenovo and Microsoft

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